Bella's Blessings By Monica Bell

Bella's Blessings Ministry, is an Inspirational Blog founded on Romans 12:1-2, the renewing of one's mind. Dedicated to uplifting and inspiring women from all walks of life to seek God and allow Him to change their way of thinking and to explore who He says they are and not who the world wants them to be. We want women to know that they are "Beautiful Blessings" to the Father! Our tagline is "Enriching Your Soul From The Inside Out." We're focused on the renewing of one's mind and heart in every post we publish. We take every opportunity to build up women with great conviction. We are passionate about encouraging women to live out their God-given purpose and calling! We believe every woman is Extraordinary as designed by God their Creator, and they deserve to be told so. Bella's Blessings; We Are Here To Enrich Your Soul From The Inside Out! With Love In My Heart, Monica Bell

Illuminate – You’re A City Set On a Hill

Seek to shine even in your trials and struggles.

How Naked and Unashamed are You Willing to Be?

The Gospel is free, but it will cost you everything.

In the New Land, Leave Everything and Follow Me

Be a risk-taker and go into deeper waters.

A Beautiful Word: Structure

Society and what others deem you worthy of do not dictate who you are as a person.

Change That Truth

Being willing to acknowledge your shortcomings is the beginning to changing them.

Keys to Growing a Stronger Family

Everyone’s voice deserves to be heard. From the tiniest little feet to the grown man’s input.

Praying – A Positioning of the Heart

Just think about it, “we get” to bow before the Throne of Grace of the All-Powerful Maker of the Universe and talk with Him!

When You Find Me

After that whole ordeal of life running away from God, I began to study His word.

Be Kind to Your Heart and to the Heart of the Father

The Father’s Heart longs to be with those who hunger for Him.

A Challenge to Fly Higher!

We are often told “to change,” but we are not often shown how to change.

Align in Purpose. Amplify Your Voice. Advance the Kingdom.

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