Mario Murillo

Mario Murillo is a Kingdom Winds Contributor. Mario is recognized as a dynamic evangelist whose ministry sees multi­tudes receive salvation, healing, and deliverance. He has long carried a burden to see a Great Awakening in America. Now, he is being raised up as an urgent prophetic voice, calling the people of God to take their place as the watchmen, prophetic voices, and miracle-workers they have been anointed to be.

You are Now a Wartime Pastor

Nostalgia and the yearning for simpler times are strong temptations. But there is no going back.

Newsom’s New Idea is Totally Insane

One day soon, you will find yourself sitting on a giant pile of sputtering rubble called California.

I Received a Major Healing

The most important thing Christ did in me, came while I was in the throes of the pain from hell that raged in my body.

God is Ordering the American Church to Get Back on the Offensive

No devil and no perversion can stand before the Body of Christ.

The Greatest Conspiracy Theory of Our Time

Every executive order of Biden is as helpful as using leeches on a hemophiliac.

God is Laughing at Their Plans

These are dark days, but God has not forsaken us.

Tearing Away the Evil with Increasing Power

The danger is that we can become resigned to evil and not press into God so we can do something about it.

Will Your Vote Ever Matter Again?

This is not just about vindicating Trump—this is about your freedom—this is about your children’s freedom.

Stop Calling it a Remnant!

You and I are no longer a smoldering ember that Facebook or YouTube can smother.

It is All About the Children

Experts say curiosity is the primary tool pedophiles use to groom children for sex. 

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