Leah Outten

Leah Outten is a proud birth mom in a beautiful open adoption of over 14 years. She has 5 children that she parents with her soul mate of over 11 years in the humid south. She is an accomplished freelance writer, entrepreneur, and inspiring author to inspire changes in the adoption community and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How God Redeemed This Broken Momma In The Bedroom

Us women, wives, and mothers have lost our selves in our other roles– dealing with a lack of desire, feeling like it’s a check on our to-do list to keep our men happy, or something else to do to meet someone else’s needs. No more– it doesn’t have to be that way!

What Your Placenta Has To Do With Resting As A New Mom

So, momma, rest up. Treasure these precious newborn moments. Ask for help. Practice some self-care and honor your body as you heal.

Praying Specifically: Asking God for Dreams

The last few years, the Lord has gifted me with something neat I felt I needed to share, and it is this: Sometimes we just need to ask specifically through prayer. In fact, He tells us to!

View From The Mountaintop

I had seen this view before, but today something was different. Today it was more beautiful and breathtaking as the seed of grace blossomed in my soul. Today the view from the mountaintop was where God met me. Right there, in the same spot I had been before, He unveiled my eyes to see the reality of my life as a young 16-year-old mother-to-be and what He was asking me to do.

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