Lana Vawser

Lana Vawser is a Kingdom Winds Contributor and founder of Lana Vawser Ministries. She is a gifted prophet and teacher and loves to see others grow in all that God has for them.

To the Lonely Pioneers, the Lord is Bringing Your Tribe to You

The Lord began to show me that these ones are finding and going to find healing in these covenant relationships that the Lord is bringing into their lives.

There is a Shift Deeper Into the Symphony of His Heart Upon Us

It is not about striving, it is not about performing, it’s about drawing close to Me and being with Me.

Lana Vawser: I Heard the Lord Say “It’s a Moment of Multiple Miraculous Births”

An invitation and deeper understanding of what it means to abide in Him and His Word was before them.

Lana Vawser: His Yes is Still Yes!

God is faithful to complete that which He has spoken.

Lana Vawser: A Word to Those Under Attack

A mighty wave of His Spirit, a great outpouring upon these ones to bring deep refreshment and rejuvenation.

Lana Vawser: I Heard the Lord Say “Don’t Doubt What I Have Spoken to You”

Recently the Lord showed me that there are many in the body of Christ who have been assaulted by a very intense spirit of ‘confusion’ of late. It has caused many to feel like they have been thrown into a ‘haze’ and the clarity that the Lord had given was now suddenly feeling overshadowed by […]

Lana Vawser: I Heard the Lord Say “Miraculous Breakthrough Will Come in Unexpected Ways!”

The Lord showed me that the level of resistance coming against many ‘feels’ intense but it is but a VAPOUR in the spirit.

Lana Vawser: I Heard the Lord Speaking Over the Pioneers

The branding upon their hearts as the “BURNING ONES” was going deeper than it had ever been.

Lana Vawser: I Heard the Lord Say “Pioneers- From Sudden Deliverance to Commission”

The Lord was stretching these pioneers into territories they had never walked before and that required a deeper reliance and dependence upon the Lord to move with Him in these new ways.

Lana Vawser: I Heard the Lord Speaking Over Many “I Am Re-Commissioning You”

I began to see these ones that have been in the thick of the battle over this ‘commissioning’ going into incredibly deep encounters with Jesus.

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