Lana Vawser

Lana Vawser is a Kingdom Winds Contributor and founder of Lana Vawser Ministries. She is a gifted prophet and teacher and loves to see others grow in all that God has for them.

Lana Vawser: The Lord Says, “I Am Raising Up a People of Perseverance”

The enemy has tried to chase many of you away from your promise, your destiny, your inheritance, but no more.

Lana Vawser: I Heard the Lord Say “Do not Despise the Stretching it is Making Way for My Spirit”

There is a deep woo-ing and a deep consecration the Spirit of God is calling His people into.

Lana Vawser: The Lord Says, “It May Look Like the End, but It’s New Birth”

I am securing and fortifying your footing in Me and in your foundatons in Me like never before.

Lana Vawser Ministries – A Special Gift for Mamas Today!

Encouragement for your journey as a mother.

Lana Vawser: I Heard the Lord Speak Over Many “My Resurrection Power is Bringing Forth Your Comeback”

His resurrection power was bringing forth and birthing their greatest comeback.

Lana Vawser: I Saw Major Assassination Attempts of the Enemy upon Many Visions

Many of you have received bad news and disappointing news regarding the vision I have given you, but I say unto you today, the tables are turning.

Lana Vawser: I Heard the Lord Say “Dig Deep in December”

It is important to allow the Lord to set your table in December and onwards.

Lana Vawser: I Heard the Lord Say “Pen These Words to the Remnant”

I am rejuvenating you, and I am bringing you into a time where you will see the tide begin to turn.

Lana Vawser: I heard the Lord Say “Be Careful Not to Criticize the Ways I Am Moving in this New Era”

The move of God in this new era is going to expose the religious spirit, unlike anything we have ever seen before.

Pay Close Attention to What God is Speaking Right Now -Divine Strategy is Being Released

Allow Me the freedom to come and rearrange, for, in the rearranging and the yielding to My way, you are being positioned for a move of My Spirit.

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