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Character Always Matters, But . . .

Perfection isn’t the standard because perfection simply isn’t possible. 

I Never Thought I’d Live This Long But . . .

Think about it. Today is all you have for certain. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

The Day After Easter

The disciples’ lives were forever changed, but the culture they lived in was still broken and dark.

The Problem with Comparison

You can’t find God’s path and purpose for your life when you’re trying to walk on someone else’s road.

Finding Value in the Rubbish (Why God Loves the Broken)

Good days. Bad days. Good performance. Not-so-good. God picked you.

When You’re In a Dark Place

No desolate place I end up in by my choice or by others’ poor decisions is the end of the story.

What to Do When Held in Contempt

Most of us want to be liked and treated with a measure of honor and respect.

EASTPOINT CHURCH: Full Service 02.21.2021

Watch the full Eastpoint Church Sunday Service.

LOVE. First. Again. Always.

Love should be our first reaction. We should show love again and again and again. Love should permeate our existence as Christ-followers . . . always.

In the Event of My Death

There is wisdom sometimes in wrestling with things we’d rather ignore.

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