Kathi Pelton

A Kingdom creative.

Time to Breathe: Send the Ruach

As I took these deep breaths I felt life and hope coming back into me.

555— The Great Grace of God

The law of God (Moses) merely reveals to us that we all have fallen short and are slaves to sin, to our own depravity, so that we can run to the grace that sets us free!

A Dream: Heavenly Room of Purification

There is a purification happening that is causing some to feel stripped of their gifts and anointing, but this is not permanent.

Rising Above The Noise To Hear The True Sound

I believe that before 2020 is completed, we will experience a shift that comes when the sound of jars is broken once again.

The Battle is Against Breath!

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! everything that has breath praise the Lord!

A Dream About Washington DC: In God We Trust

I believe that the enemy is trying to take our nation down in order to trigger a domino effect in many other nation’s destruction.

Hope Deferred Makes The Heart Sick

As I have gone through seasons of pain and hope deferred, I have learned to not lean on my own understanding but to lean into His arms of love.

The Enemy’s Kryptonite: Why We Should Be Pursuing Peace

Peace and trust are like an encoded message that the enemy cannot decipher.

Finding Home: A Source of Peace

If you come to my house I know that you will feel safe, not because of the beautiful things but because the Lord is our shelter, refuge, and place of safety.

It’s No Longer Time To Survive But It’s Time To Thrive

I learned to overcome so that I could experience deep intimacy rather than merely survive and experience only the shallow places.

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