Kassi Russell

Kassi Russell is a wife and mom by day, and a writer by night (and in the car, or at soccer games). Kassi is originally from Greenville, SC where she and her husband met in middle school and have been married for 11 years. Her passion for writing blossomed in Atlanta, GA where her four children (ages 8, 6, 2 and 1) completed their tribe. She is currently writing a series of children's books and blogging. Along with writing she enjoys music and arts, the great outdoors, and well-written movies.

JESUS, ME & ANXIETY: Jesus, Me, Anxiety, and COVID19

Episode #4 – It’s just not possible to have a podcast about anxiety and not talk about what just might be the #1 anxiety trigger all over our world right now, COVID-19! But don’t pass this one up because you’re tired of hearing about all of the statistics, and you’re scared this will only make your anxiety worse. I can almost assure you that you’ll break a smile while listening to me talk about my 5 stages of coping with COVID-19 and the 5 ways I’m combatting my anxiety during this incredibly anxious time. 

Joy = Strength

Episode #5 – Join me as I figure out what His joy looks like and how it gives me the strength to enjoy life even when I’m struggling. 

JESUS, ME & ANXIETY: Freedom From Shame

Episode #13 – Have you ever felt ashamed of your anxiety? Have you ever felt unloved by God because you continue to struggle with anxiety? Today I talk about getting free from the shame associated with your struggle.

JESUS, ME & ANXIETY: New Year. One Goal.

Episode #12 – After a year of putting “New Year pressure” on myself (unhealthy pressure at times), I made a decision this year to have one goal. It’s definitely the best one I’ve ever had.

Minimalism = More Than a Movement

Episode #9 – Did you know that the core of what minimalism is actually started in the Word of God?

You’re Not Alone: Interviewing My Husband

Episode #8 – Kassi interviews her husband of 13 years, Vaughn, about what it’s like to watch someone you love go through anxiety and not know what to do.

Enough Is Literally Enough

Episode #7 – Kassi recalls a time in her life when anxiety and panic attacks ruled almost every decision she made. Find out what helped her push through one of the lowest anxiety valleys and how it continues to help her enjoy her present days as well. 

TEN Things I Didn’t Know About Sabbath

Episode #10 – Are you anxious? Exhausted? Feeling like you barely have fumes to run on? Last year I stumbled upon a gift from God that truly eradicated my ongoing burnt out feeling.

The Profound Difference Gratitude Makes

Episode #11 – If we don’t choose to practice the discipline of gratitude, we’ll never see it change our lives.

The Perfectionist vs. Corona

Episode #6 – As things continue to be weird during this pandemic, different triggers for anxiety can pop-up when we least expect them. One of my all-time highest-ranking triggers for anxiety is perfectionism.

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