God is a Dad

Three friends talking about how God parents His kids and what that means for us as parents. We also throw in a little movies, sports, TV, music, gaming, food/drink, hobbies, etc. because God is fun too.

Kanye West Declares Jesus Is King

There’s a lot of angles to cover here: the divided Christian response, what it means for the future of Christian music, the best tracks, and where this album ranks among the rest of Kanye’s music.

Kanye West Declares Jesus is King

God is a Dad is back to break down the biggest event in Christian music history: Kanye West’s new album “Jesus is King.”

What is a Good Parent + Kids are People Too

Episode #6 – If we’re trying to keep things as simple as possible, what does it boil down to? The guys share what makes them feel like good parents and what is it about God that makes Him the best at it.

It’s OK to Get Mad at Your Spouse

Episode #5 – The guys start by asking the question “What does God think of emotions?”, and then continue discussing whether withholding negative emotions to protect your spouse is helpful.

Emotional Intelligence + Crying is a Good Thing

Episode #4 – The guys discuss their perspectives, how they process emotions, and the various ways they’re helping their kids develop into emotionally healthy people.

Parenting is Not As Hard as You Think

Episode #3 – As a follow up to their last episode, the guys approach the “is parenting hard?” question from a different angle

The Hardest Part of Parenting

Episode #2 – Is parenting actually hard or do our sins and beliefs make it hard? The guys discuss which parts of parenting they think are actually “hard,” followed by a lively debate over the best Marvel movie to date.

Mistakes Are Good

Episode #1 – What does God think of our mistakes? Tune in to hear these men wrestle through a question that dramatically affects how we respond to our children’s mistakes.

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