Jonathan Brenneman

Jonathan Brenneman didn't know if God existed when he was a child. Then one day his mom prayed for his hurting back and he felt something like a ball of energy rolling up and down his spine. The pain was gone! Jonathan is now a missionary living in Brazil. He loves to see God touch people tangibly and heal others, just like he was healed.

Do You Get 100% Results Ministering Healing?

As we hold fast to truth, that truth continues to bear fruit and grow in manifestation in our life.

The Cloud of God’s Glory!

I’m much more excited when I see someone else experience God doing a miracle through THEIR hands than when I myself pray and someone is healed.

Four Marking Characteristics Of The “New Faith Movement” Part 3

Our main message isn’t “The Power of Faith.” It’s “Look at who Jesus is and what he’s done for us!”

Four Marking Characteristics of the “New Faith Movement” Part 2

Jesus emphasized his disciple’s believing when they ministered healing, rather than focusing on the faith of the people they would minister to.

Four Marking Characteristics of the “New Faith Movement” Part 1

“Faith” can become a religious dogma that we believe in but don’t really know how to exercise.

How Impartation and Fullness in Christ Work Together Without Contradicting Each Other

We have everything in Christ, and there is more. Both are true.

Impartation or Fullness in Christ?

In my daily life, supernatural ministry became more and more firmly based on the nature of Jesus and the promises of scripture that anybody can grab a hold of.

Supernatural Power In The Gospel

He is my wisdom, so I can expect wisdom and knowledge from heaven in abundance as I walk in communion with Him.

The Supernatural Grace of Giving

When it becomes about only “following principles” instead of knowing God, we end up giving out of compulsion.

When to Give Out of Need and Expect Supernatural Provision

If we are giving because someone told us to instead of giving according to what we have desired in our heart, we are violating Paul’s New Testament command on giving.

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