Jonathan Brenneman

Jonathan Brenneman didn't know if God existed when he was a child. Then one day his mom prayed for his hurting back and he felt something like a ball of energy rolling up and down his spine. The pain was gone! Jonathan is now a missionary living in Brazil. He loves to see God touch people tangibly and heal others, just like he was healed.

God’s Address

John would get up in the morning, look at himself in the mirror, and say “God lives in this suit.” 

No Inferiority

When you have unspeakable joy in Christ and nobody can steal it, you are more than a conqueror.

When “Inner Healing” Goes Wrong

Satan will lose his foothold in that area when the person stops identifying with the problem and starts identifying with Christ.

Inner Healing And Deliverance

There’s something very healing and comforting that God knows all your secrets and He loves you.

Does the Devil Have Legal Rights?

Nobody was able to obtain the blessing based on the law, and everybody who relies on it is under a curse.

Feelings May Lie But Truth Remains!

I’m learning to stand fast in the truth that Christ lives in me and he is able to manifest his nature through me.

Don’t Let Anything Hinder You From Fellowshipping With the Holy Spirit

Instead of focusing on your failures, keep focusing on what God has done in you.

Communion with the Holy Spirit

The reborn spirit of Man, created in the likeness of God, connects to the charge from heaven through communion with the Holy Spirit.

God’s Love Is Pursuing You!

The old lady started to realize that Jesus had healed her and she became very happy and started chattering joyfully.

God’s Invisible Spirit

Too many Christians evaluate God’s goodness through their experiences, including their disappointments.

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