Bareknuckle Bible

John Myer is an evangelical Christian who likes to think as well as pray. Though he loves to write, his passion also has a live outlet. He planted and currently pastors a church, Grandview Christian Assembly, in the greater Columbus, Ohio area. He is a dad, a husband, and an expatriated southern man living up north. And by the way, he has a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Are There Any Real Questions Left?

This is our world, where questions are trump cards and maneuvering devices. 

On Offensive Theology

The most staid, logical person will suffer IQ reduction when emotions get involved.  

A Word as Regular as Morning Coffee

Those among God’s people who casually neglect His Word will frequently feel defenseless. 

Can’t Argue with That

Nothing is quite so powerful than when eternal life itself speaks up for the believer and for Christ. 

The Hazards of Blending In

We seem less prone than ever to hold a consistently biblical worldview.

Our Moment by Moment Standing

Scripture points to a God who graciously condescends to dwell among His people, even while they are in an imperfect and potentially offensive state.   

Problems with the God Machine

God appears not to provide answers but to enrich Job’s thin understanding. 

Race at Its Best

We seem to have lost our way in the midst of interracial squabbling and settling scores.

The Mower Cometh

The law does little to change the human heart. The things that lie hidden, lie hidden still.  

A Hike Back to the Source

Love touched by the living Word of God, cleansed of sin, purified of contaminants.   

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