John Myer

John Myer is an evangelical Christian who likes to think as well as pray. Though he loves to write, his passion also has a live outlet. He planted and currently pastors a church, Grandview Christian Assembly, in the greater Columbus, Ohio area. He is a dad, a husband, and an expatriated southern man living up north. And by the way, he has a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

At Work in the Fields of the Lord

Truly, the Christian experience, both individually and together, is one of farming.

Journey to the Center

I get a distinct impression, though, that we could drill all the way to the earth’s core and never even recognize “the mother lode.” 

A Sudden Upending of the Current Order

Though political powers—even armies—try to stop it,  the kingdom of the Lord and of His Christ will come. 

Just Because

The pouring out demonstrated a celebration of unconditional love and gratitude.

Message in a Bottle

The message in the “bottle” that had come straight from heaven was all about redemption–Christ lifted up on the cross.

Go Ahead, Rest Deeply

We usually measure faith in its ability to do great works, but faith is found just as surely in how we rest.  

How We Keep Count

The trustworthiness of genuine faith phenomenon usually dwells at some deeper place than what we suppose.

I’ll Pass

Church is a massive crowd of people whose faith we never interact with.

The Last Enemy

While His cross dealt with our sins, His resurrection spoke directly to the death element filling us and looming over our future.

A Look at What’s on the Adult Menu

The items to be trashed from the days of our spiritual immaturity ought to be wrong things, not those that were merely simple.   

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