Bareknuckle Bible

John Myer is an evangelical Christian who likes to think as well as pray. Though he loves to write, his passion also has a live outlet. He planted and currently pastors a church, Grandview Christian Assembly, in the greater Columbus, Ohio area. He is a dad, a husband, and an expatriated southern man living up north. And by the way, he has a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Reaching the Jesus Friendly

John wrote in his journal, “I went to America to convert the Indians, but, oh, who will convert me?” 

Why Listen?

Our marriage, kids, jobs, and more rest on something that seems invisible to the world, the wise word of the Shepherd. 

Buoyant Truth

When you state the facts, with thanksgiving, the feelings follow. 

What Do I Still Lack?

We unwittingly keep a death grip on our stuff, and yet nothing is so frail, so flimsy, than the things we call ours.

Life as a Vapor

Life not only harbors nothing new, but it also has a disturbing way of disappearing into irrelevance. 


Timing, therefore, is critical.  Remember God now.

No Substitutes for Wisdom

And here’s a major newsflash—wisdom is not a part of your natural makeup at all. 

The Frustration of Randomness

As God gives you things, you receive them with thanks, because you realize you are not entitled to them. 

Circumstances Out of Control

Once we perceive these things are out of control, we run the risk of being out of control, as well. 

When Bad Times are Better for You

Sadness invites sober reflection and correction that builds the scaffolding for a glad life.

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