Moving On Podcast

We are a grace and humility podcast attempting to throw our hat in the ring for positivity and “dropping the rope” in relationship with one another! We want to encourage ideas of grace, compassion, humility, and empathy!

From Pit to Party Barn

Episode #7 – In this episode, Jay and Jessie take a journey back for a bit to discuss their experiences in the darkest times of their lives. It is difficult to imagine a bright future from the bottom of a “pit,” but they want to be a voice of hope.

No Hill for a Climber

Episode #6 – Listen in as Jay and Jessie discuss how fear has blocked ambitions, pushed back timelines, shelved dreams, and crippled passions in their own lives.

Crazy Horse—Thankful for Trials

Episode #5 – Join Jessie and Jay as they discuss the idea of gratitude, how practicing it has changed their lives, and how it fights negativity.

Fairly Heavy

Episode #4 – Jessie and Jay answer some questions that have been sent in by listeners and circle back to concepts previously introduced.

Mechanic’n with Humility

Episode #3 – Join Jessie and Jay with laughter as they talk about fumbling through the past couple of weeks with the greatest of intentions.

Monkey Peein’ In The Ocean

Episode #2 – Join Jay and Jessie in their second episode and they take a broader look at grace, and specifically the amount of grace we extend to ourselves or the lack thereof.

Grace and Dropping the Rope

Episode #1 – Jay and Jessie have walked through some difficult seasons in their lives. Check out their first episode here on what “dropping the rope” looks like in their blended family!

Investing in Each Other To Push Through the Tough Stuff

Episode #10 – Did you know that serving others can actually be medicinal? In this episode, Jay and Jessica discuss how all of us are created with a yearning to help others, and the further away we get from this original plan the more anxious and depressed we can come.

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