Jennifer Quinn

Jennifer Quinn is just a woman saved by grace and undeservedly blessed with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Her focus is on her God and Savior, husband, children, homeschooling, and whenever she glances out the window... it's on her backyard chickens. She makes mistakes and sometimes looses focus on her Savior in the busyness and stresses of life. Fortunately her God is a patient and gentle teacher who can work even the stresses and messes of this life into something that points to and gives glory to Him. Her hope is that she might share a little bit of the wisdom and encouragement that God is teaching her with her sisters and brothers in Christ for their good and for His glory.

A Letter to Anxiety

It feels good to take a moment and put into words who you are, what you do, and why I don’t need you around.

Do You Know You’re Beautiful?

Do you believe and trust in who God says that you are more than who you, your past, or the world says you are?

Are You Willing to Live for Christ?

I think that they were like many of us today; I think they were worshiping their own comfort. You cannot serve both God and comfort.

Love Letter from Deuteronomy

Yahweh had His heart set on you and chose you…

Burn the Ships

Loving people like Jesus loves us is not a light command. Loving people like Jesus loves us demands that we “burn the ships.”

Encouragement for Artists, Home-school Parents, and Purple Cows

I do not have it all figured out in any part of my life. But isn’t that an important part of our journey as parents, artists, spouses, friends, etc.?

Presence of God > Emotional High

Experiencing the presence of God can cause you to feel intense emotions, but being emotional is not the equivalent of being in the presence of God.

The Most Volatile Topic Around: Vaccines

My hope is that we would all recognize the lie that vaccines are not the line that love cannot cross.

Are You Clinging to Christ Yet Feel as if You’re Still Being Broken?

With Jesus, your brokenness is not the end; it’s only the beginning of change and good works for His glory and Kingdom.

What Would Change In Your Prayer Life If…

Asking myself how my prayers would change if God said ‘yes’ really helped me change my perspective. I hope that it does the same for you.

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