Gospel Grammar

Jeffrey converted to the Catholic Church in October of 2018. He has a degree in theology from Aidan University and is the founder of Gospel Grammar. As a writer, Jeffrey has one goal: inspiring others to both discover and cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus. Jeffrey is best known as a writer for demonstrating through his own experiences how the Bible can be applied to daily life.

Are You Getting the Right Kind of Rest?

Too often, when someone thinks about rest, a comfy bed, pillows, and a blanket are involved. However, this isn’t the only way to re-energize.

Are Family Devotions Part of Your Schedule?

Family devotions weren’t part of my childhood. My mom and stepdad believed in God and all. For some reason, spending time with Jesus simply wasn’t important.

Do You Struggle With Sanctification?

Mistakes will be made along the way. That doesn’t mean we give up and return to our old way of living. This means we identify where we fail to trust Jesus and allow Him to guide us.

Is There Something God Needs to Remind You?

Writing lost its importance. God was there. I simply stopped acknowledging Him. Before I knew it, it had been over a month since I’d been to church.

What Are You Doing for the Next Generation?

As a parent, one thing scares me more than anything else. I wouldn’t call it a constant fear. But it’s definitely a concern. What if my daughter grows up not loving Jesus Christ?

Are You Praying or Simply Reciting Prayers?

We’ll never reach the personal level with Jesus He wants us to encounter until we learn to speak to Him with an open heart.

What Are You Looking For?

Within every one of us, there is a question that takes a while to answer. I don’t believe there is a right or wrong response to what has been asked. What are you looking for?

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