Janet Swanson

Janet Swanson is an ordained minister, teacher, missionary, entrepreneur, author, singer, artist, composer, speaker, student, encourager, hope dealer, overcomer, advocate for the abused, dream-builder, and a life-giver.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: The Love of God Will Change Your Life

The presence of the LOVE of God is here right now,  and He wants me to tell you that HE is rejoicing over your life, that He is passionate about you, and that HE is dancing over you with love songs of singing.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: God is Able to do MORE than you Fathom

All of your disappointments have led you to where you are now. You are called to join God with what HE is doing!   And if He is doing something ABUNDANT AND MORE…then so will YOU! God has something MORE for you…something good in your life, in your destiny.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Driven by the Lord – Why we left Statesboro…

God has assignments for us.  These assignments will turn out to be “seasons” in our lives.  Seasons don’t last forever, but God is in control of every season and all our circumstances! God is writing the story of your life. He writes the plans that He has for you by depositing dreams in your heart.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: God of Multiplication

In this episode you will hear an encouraging word that  God is not wanting to destroy you,  nor put sickness on you,  steal from you, take away from you or leave you depressed, desolate, and alone! No! God is a God of multiplication and He’s wanting to add and multiply in your life, not subtract and divide.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: God Has Something Better

You don’t choose your assignments but they choose you! All of your disappointments have led you to where you are now.  You are called to greatness!  God has something GREATER…something BETTER in your life, in your destiny. GOD IS UP TO SOMETHING GREATER THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE!

ONE VOICE PODCAST: God has a Promise Attached to Your Pain!

When tears become your food and drink, God has a promise attached to them!


Janet talks about the new things that God is doing! Sometimes God is at work right in front of you, but you can’t see it because you’ve been spending time looking in the rearview mirror.  God goes BEFORE YOU. He leads you FORWARD, not backward.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: God Will Carry ALL Your Burdens

Today I believe you will be inspired by the Word of God. It is so powerful.  You know, from time to time, we ALL can feel “heavy” and “weighed down” by the trials of life.  But this is why we have the Body of Christ, the Word of God, and the sweet Holy Spirit!  We can get through anything  TOGETHER when we trust the Lord AND  LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Neighbor Pedophile, Molestation, and Abortion – Paula Kinard’s Story

Today you are going to hear an incredible story about a lady who KNOWS what it feels like to be molested by a neighbor pedophile, never told anyone, and kept it a secret, which eventually led to a lifestyle of promiscuity and abortion. 

ONE VOICE PODCAST: Connect or DIE! – with Pastor Chris Dorrity

Pastor Chris tells his story of hopelessness, false accusations, being thrown in jail, turning into an alcoholic, and making his way back to Jesus and finding HOPE again. Today you are going to be so inspired.

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