Jan Loyd

Jan Loyd is a child of God, a disciple of Christ, a Jersey girl, a former nun, a teacher, and now a wife of 48 years, mother of two, grandmother of 5 boys and finally a baby girl...these are just some of the hats she wears or has worn. Her hat as teacher has seemed to be one she’s worn her entire adult life, ranging from teaching elementary school, homeschool, adult ESOL and GED language and writing. But along with all of these opportunities has been her favorite above all the rest: teaching women the Word of God in various ways, Precept Upon Precept and Bible Studies she’s developed by the grace and tutelage of God along the way. The heart of the message that she delights to share is that we are in union with the Living God through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Currently you may find her on her devotional blog “A Branch in the Vine” where she shares several times a week and in her Bible Study/ devotional book The With-ness of our God: Relationship in Every Dimension.

Jesus’ Words from the Cross: a Word of Personal Need

Here He is…the Source of Living Water…asking for a drink!  That reminds me of another time Jesus was thirsty…and it was a thirst that ended up quenching thirsty souls.

Lenten Meditation: Eulogize Your Living Loved One

We busily go through our lives, often thinking many kind thoughts and feeling loving, appreciative sentiments for our loved ones, but not stopping to put words and voice to them…nourishing the soul of ones we love.

Jesus’ Words from the Cross: Word of Abandonment

What happens next in the unfolding drama of the crucifixion of our Lord is incomprehensible! It’s an abandonment so profoundly mysterious that it boggles the mind…but ravishes the believing heart!

Jesus’ Words from the Cross: a Word of Salvation

We all go our own way — wandering off and needing God’s rescue.  And we’re all faced with a choice (as these two criminals were), God’s salvation or our own.  Yes, even as believers, “saved ones.”

Jesus’ Words from the Cross: a Word of Family Affection

So by entrusting His mother to His beloved disciple and friend, Jesus was “creating a new family based not on kinship to one another [blood relationship] but solely through their relationship to him.”

Jesus’ Word from the Cross: a Word of Forgiveness

We struggle so, with forgiving our offenders!  Perhaps that’s why we are amazed and awestruck to realize that Jesus’ first words from the Cross were ones of forgiveness.

Lenten Meditation: Last Words and Conversations

The last words of a dying person are important.  They can communicate good or ill to those left behind.  Why?  Because the last words are so final…

A Time to be Born and a Time to Die: Reflections on Time and Eternity

Time, that fleeting commodity that holds us while on this earth! Yet we can’t hold onto it! And for all of us, time is ticking away. We are closer to the end of our earthly journey every second that we live.

Dust to Dust

Ash Wednesday was a day when we all remembered that someday we would each die and face our Maker. 

The Bully of Bullies (Part 2)

Bullies don’t often give up. They just look for another opportunity in a different place of vulnerability.

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