Jaime Luce

Jaime Luce is a sought-after author, speaker, blogger, podcaster, and monthly Charisma Magazine contributor. Over the past two decades, Jaime has served as a leadership and development pastor, teacher, and blogger. She is a team-building and personal growth specialist. Her goal in every mode of ministry has been to empower others to discover the truth of who they are, while also equipping them to tap into God’s abundant blessings.

To Dream or Not to Dream…

Throw off your frustration like an old garment and remember the dream is for an appointed time.

THE JAIME LUCE PODCAST: Help for Carrying Heavy Burdens

The power and blessing that come from carrying one another’s burdens are that all receive the help, comfort, and victory they need.

THE JAIME LUCE PODCAST: Discern the Vision God has Given You

Have you ever felt like the chaos and difficulties of life clouded your vision? What if there was a way to understand the difference between a mountain-top vision and a valley vision? What if you could decern the guidance God is trying to provide?

From Faith to Faith

If there is going to be a revival, it must start in the church with its leaders.

THE JAIME LUCE PODCAST: Triumph Over Adversity – The Inspiring Journey of Pastors Terrell and Brandy Scott

No matter the severity, we have all done things we are not proud of. If we don’t deal with our past, we can stew in that negative mindset of regret for the rest of our lives. But there is good news—healing and redemption can be found in HIM! Tune in and be inspired by Terrell and Brandy’s journey of forgiveness, healing, and finding purpose in their past trauma

THE JAIME LUCE PODCAST: God is Calling You to an Abundant Life – with Matt Tommey

One of the most important commandants God gave to us is to love our neighbor. But what does that look like? How is showing the love of Christ reflected in our daily lives?

The Valley of Decision

Our indecision is a decision and double-mindedness will only take us in circles.

THE JAIME LUCE PODCAST: God is Calling You to an Abundant Life – with Matt Tommey

Have you been living a life where you feel constantly defeated? Maybe you feel unqualified to achieve the goals God has called you to do. In today’s episode of the Jaime Luce Podcast, we explain how renewing your mindset allows you to live the abundant life God has promised you!

THE JAIME LUCE PODCAST: Do You Fear God? Christians Need To Answer This Question

In this episode of the Jaime Luce Podcast, we have a heart-to-heart on why it’s important to fear God and how it helps us understand our salvation as Christians.

Why Are You Here?

We continually go back to the dead places looking for comfort and peace.

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