Gary Suess

Gary is President and Co-Founder of Kingdom Winds. Whether personally or professionally, his life has been marked by a penchant to create and lead. His passions include sports, music, art, reading, writing, food (with multiple exclamation points on pizza), and cats! He loves to laugh and spend quality time with The Father, family, and friends!

Even in the Darkness God Reigns

Those who follow and obey Me will see divine reversals and breakthroughs that they have been praying for.

The Strike That is Not Seen Will Bring Victory

I will take what has been stolen by the enemy and return it to My people.

A Suess Family Christmas

Joy is widely associated with Christmas, particularly because it is the ultimate source of this euphoric state. Our family has fully embraced it, celebrating this most sacred and world-altering day with abundance.

Simply Being Home

Arriving home was always extra special when I was greeted at the door knowing that “absence makes
the heart grow fonder” on both sides.

Hanging Around Joyful People: An Excerpt from Joy All Around Us

Joyful people are walking “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” mentors without even knowing it. Little things–even big things–don’t get them down or keep them down. Life surely comes with heartaches and challenges, but joyful people rebound quickly.

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