Elizabeth Suess

Beth’s love of the written word has been evident her entire life. She has been an avid reader ever since she got her hands on a Sellersville Elementary School library card. Although she occasionally still enjoys a gripping novel, most of her current reading is focused on expanding her understanding of God and growing in Him. She is also deeply passionate about the Word and is diligent to hide it in her heart. Her journey into writing began much later in life. Beth’s first book Joy All Around Us, which she wrote with her husband Gary and their daughter Tara, was published in 2016. One of Beth’s passions is telling stories that engage readers and listeners while offering them wisdom and biblically-based solutions for navigating the twists and turns of life. She plans to continue pursuing both writing and speaking and focusing on helping those around her realize their God-given potential and dreams.

Mystery on Flight 48 to Los Angeles

I would tell people I am usually asleep before my flight even takes off. I must have shared that little factoid one too many times. We all know what the result of pride is; even when it seems subtle, the fall is coming.

Taking Out The Garbage

Garbage is not kept inside our homes but is put outside and taken away. We are to do the same with our sour and putrid thoughts.

Peace in His Perfection

We cannot be perfect this side of Heaven. Our goal is only to settle into His perfection where we can find His perfect peace and His perfect joy.

Hope Chest

He has called us to Himself, paid our ransom, and washed us completely clean. We now can stand firmly on the foundation of hope He has provided for us.

We are Called to SHINE!

As a child of the most high God, you have been selected to shine forth for Him.
Freely you have been given; now you are called to freely give.

Don’t Hit Pause

When we are fully trusting in God, we do not need to hit pause and wait for resolution or the answer to our prayers. Instead, we can confidently walk by faith and not by sight.

Carefree in Him

We are called to ride through life not holding on with white knuckles, eyes closed, and full of fear, but instead to ride with eyes wide open, legs swinging, and full of joy!

When Relief Feels Elusive

If you find yourself in a particularly busy season of life, I believe God will give you the grace to handle your responsibilities until the season is over.

Closet Christian Vs. Closet Atheist

We need the transforming power of the Truth, Jesus, to shift our paradigm. Like Paul, we should be in a place where we count everything loss but knowing Him.

The Sins of a Mother

Upon contemplation, motherhood is not for the faint of heart. The responsibility of guiding our children from being a fully dependent baby into a fully independent adult is a daunting task, to say the least.

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