Elisha Kearns

My mission is to provide hope and encouragement in the midst of those walking the path of infertility, miscarriage, and pregnancy loss. My purpose is also to not just encourage those in the waiting but to also have them believe in the impossible.

He Settles the Barren: Stories to Inspire Hope (Part 3)

But do you know what the word testimony means? In Hebrew, it comes from a root word that means ‘do it again.’

He Settles the Barren: Stories to Inspire Hope (Part 2)

I want you to have a place to be able to come and immerse yourself in the power that a testimony can hold. Because if God did it for them, He can do it again.

He Settles the Barren: Stories to Inspire Hope (Part 1)

Therefore, as you read, open yourself up to the possibility that what He did for them, He is not only able, but also willing to do for you.

When You Are Still Pregnant Eight Years Later

I know that it seems irrational, illogical, and downright ridiculous to continue to believe month after month, year after year for the impossible, but I can’t help but be expectant of it.

When It Seems Like You Are the Only One With Infertility

I let the truth sink in that 1 in 8 couples really do suffer from infertility. Too often we hear statistics and brush them to the side, but sometimes it’s good to entertain them.

Shamed, but Unashamed

Like me, you might feel as though you are stuck in a chapter of waiting, and as a result, suffering shame. But know this, you and I won’t be ashamed.

Infertility and Foster Care: The Clash of Both Worlds

But one thing I have learned through all of this is that adopting my beautiful daughter does not “fix” my fertility struggle.

Your Anxiety is Showing—Better Tuck That Back In

I wanted to join them; but again, something within me had shifted. The “me” I knew was gone and this other person who felt depressed had emerged.

36 Years Old and Still Barren

Many have asked if I have been dreading this day or if I am bummed to be another year older while still trying to fulfill a dream.

Why Your Baby-Makin’ Advice Doesn’t Bother Me

Because yes, I have tried Plexus. Yes, I have heard about NaPro. And yes, I have thought about (and trying) a Keto diet. Not to mention, I have also heard of that oil.

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