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Tim Ferrara, Founder of Discerning Dad (www.discerning-dad.com). Background in the church all my life. 20+ years of management experience. Current Executive Pastor of LifePoint Church in San Tan Valley. Author of Everyday Discernment and Eyes on Jesus. Host of the Eyes on Jesus Podcast

EYES ON JESUS: Mama Bear Apologetics—Empowering Your Kids to Challenge Cultural Lies – Hillary Morgan Ferrer

Season 3 | Episode #15 – ​In this wide-ranging and insightful episode, we discuss waiting on the Lord and persevering through trial.

EYES ON JESUS: What is Revival, Why it is Important, and How Discipleship is not Optional – with Parker Green

Season 3 | Episode #15 – ​In this episode, we discuss the crazy couple of years of revival and persecution that the Green’s had.  How discipleship is not just an optional process for churches to have.  We talk about finding the REAL Jesus and what it means in your life when He takes control.

EYES ON JESUS: Time Management, Family Rhythms, and Habits – with Justin Whitmel Earley

Season 3 | Episode #14 – Justin Whitmel Earley is a lawyer, author, and speaker from Richmond, VA. He has two books, The Common Rule – Habits of Purpose for an Age of Distraction, and his newest book Habits of the Household – Practicing the Story of God in Everyday Family Rhythms.


If God is calling you to do something, don’t be swayed by what another preacher, teacher, pastor, or priest tells you.

EYES ON JESUS: The Keys to a Powerful Prayer Life – with O.S. Hawkins

Season 3 | Episode #13 – O.S. Hawkins is President/CEO of GuideStone Financial Resources, the world’s largest Christian screened mutual fund. He is also the author of more than fifty books, including the Code Series of devotionals including his newest The Prayer Code.

EYES ON JESUS: How to be Confidently Humble and Mature in Your Faith – with Valarie Reynolds

Season 3 | Episode #12 – Valarie Reynolds is a top Leader for a well-renowned Network Marketing Company, and host of the God Is Within Her Podcast. Join Tim and Valarie for wide-ranging discussion, including how to use your gifts to advance the Kingdom, humility, seeking God, shame, and much more.

EYES ON JESUS: Practical Ways to Share the Gospel with Passion – with Ray Comfort

Season 3 | Episode #11 – In this episode we discuss, Tim discusses a variety of topics with special guest Ray Comfort, including the purpose of life, irresistible zeal for God, and serving from love, not for love.

God May Give You the Victory, But You Still Have to Go Through the Battle

It’s important that we stay the course in areas God has already directed us to be in.

EYES ON JESUS: The Importance of Identity in Christ and How to Pursue Biblical Masculinity – with Cody Bobay

Season 3 | Episode #10 – Cody Bobay is an actor, author, and CEO of Gibborim Studios. In 2016 Cody and his wife started Soulcon which became one of the fastest men’s movements in the world. 

EYES ON JESUS: The Hope, Love, and Purpose Found in John 3:16 – with Max Lucado

Season 3 | Episode #1 – Join host Tim Ferrara for a powerful episode with best-selling author, pastor, and speaker Max Lucado as they discuss hope, purpose, perseverance, and much more!

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