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Tim Ferrara, Founder of Discerning Dad (www.discerning-dad.com). Background in the church all my life. 20+ years of management experience. Current Executive Pastor of LifePoint Church in San Tan Valley. Author of Everyday Discernment and Eyes on Jesus. Host of the Eyes on Jesus Podcast

EYES ON JESUS: If Miracles are Real… Where’s the Evidence? – with Elijah Stephens

Season 3 | Episode #6 – Elijah Stephens is the Director and Executive Producer of Send Proof, his first full-length documentary. Elijah served as an executive pastor for seven years, is a published author, and continues to teach on the subject of religion, science, and the supernatural.

EYES ON JESUS: Leading with Influence and Love – with Steve Greene

Season 3 | Episode #5 – Dr. Steve Greene is the executive producer of the Charisma Podcast Network.  He is a nationally known speaker and trainer in the fields of marketing and leadership.

EYES ON JESUS: Making Disciples Who Make Disciples – with Robby Gallaty

Season 3 | Episode #3 – Join host Tim Ferrara for a wide-ranging discussion with Rob Gallaty about hearing and following God, the Holy Spirit, digital ministry versus face-to-face ministry, and more.

EYES ON JESUS: Resisting Contempt and the Power of Honor – with Jon Tyson

Season 3 | Episode #3 – Join host Tim Ferrara for a wide-ranging discussion with Jon Tyson, Lead Pastor of the Church of the City, New York on culture, the pandemic, seasons, honor, the Presence of God, and more.

EYES ON JESUS: Bonus – Tim’s Interview on the Man of Honor Podcast

Listen to Tim Ferrera’s special guest appearance on the Man of Honor Podcast.

EYES ON JESUS: The Harsh Realities of Trafficking and Abuse and How We can Prevent Them – with Elizabeth Good

Season 3 | Episode #30 – Elizabeth Melendez Fisher Good is the founder/CEO of The Foundation United, a global organization working to prevent trafficking and rescue survivors by training schools, police, hospitals, etc., or recognizing signs and stepping in.

EYES ON JESUS: Canadian Pastor James Coates and the Story of How He was Arrested During the Pandemic

Season 3 | Episode #29 – Listen as Tim and James discuss the role of the church in the midst of tyrannical orders from a government and when to make a stand for truth even if you face terrible consequences.

EYES ON JESUS: The Supernatural Life – with Daniel Adams

Season 3 | Episode #28 – Some of the issues we talk about are the dangers of experiential theology; principles to be aware of when it comes to demons; Spiritual Warfare; taking authority in our homes, jobs, and families; and Aa word of caution for those in ministry or thinking about ministry.

EYES ON JESUS: Church Accountability and Moving Past Hurt into Hope – with Drew Barker

Season 3 | Episode #27 – Drew Barker is a husband, father, experienced church leader, and former Elevation staff member. He is currently the lead pastor at Revolution Church in North Carolina and the host of the Podcast Hope After Hurt.

EYES ON JESUS: A Biblical Approach to Understanding the End Times – with The Prophecy Pros

Season 3 | Episode #26 – In this episode, Jeff Kinley and Todd Hampson discuss when is it time to let dreams die, how God can prepare us for seasons we don’t see coming, that all Bible prophecy leads us to Jesus, and much more.

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