Discerning Dad

Tim Ferrara, Founder of Discerning Dad (www.discerning-dad.com). Background in the church all my life. Management experience in the work place. Elder at church and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Husband and father.

Our Daily Bread

Spiritual junk food might look like reading a quick Bible verse on social media without ever opening the Bible for ourselves.

Hope Amidst Tragedy

This fallen world is under an umbrella of sin. Sin and death are just normal processes of this world until its final restoration in a new heaven and new earth.

Can I Do All Things?

Paul’s attitude here was predetermined. He did not wait for a bad situation to determine his contentment. He knew Jesus and that was enough.

Choosing to Forgive

If forgiveness is a choice, why is it so hard? What can we learn from the story of Jacob and Esau and how we can choose forgiveness today which results in freedom?

Who’s Driving?

Nothing is worse while you are driving than being subjected to a backseat driver (who is sometimes at the front seat in the form of your spouse).

More Precious Than Gold

As far as a legacy goes, I don’t want to pass on jewelry to my children, at least not in the context of legacy.

The Art of Spiritual War

Since we are in a battle, what lessons of war can we learn and apply to our spiritual fight?

Take Ground In Your Battleground

We are in a battle as Christians, but it is a battle we can win with the power of God in us.


How can you tell that someone is a Christian? Think about it. What attributes, word usage, actions, desires, and dreams identify a Christian without him ever saying that he follows Jesus?


Now vulnerability sounds like a negative word; by definition, it means that you are susceptible to attack or capable of being hurt. A picture to help you think of this is that our lives are like a castle.

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