Deborah Fry

Deborah Fry is the founder of Deborah Waldron Fry Ministries and a Kingdom Winds Contributor.

The Fork in the Road

Stay on the path of faith and do not wander onto the path of fear.

Receive the Wind of Glory

My Spirit shall lift you up above the chaos and darkness of the world.

The Rose of Sharon and the High Places

Stand upon your high places and do not be moved for I have given you the Victory.

Triggers and Trauma, I Am the Lord Who Delivers You!

Step beyond the bad choices of others and the evil works of the devil; step beyond the trauma and pain of the past.

You are My Hawk-Eyed Raptors of the Last Days

My Glorious Fire in you shall destroy the works of the devil. 

The Fifth Dimension

Fix your eyes on the unseen things of your God.

God is Turning up the Heat

You are not a prisoner of any web, Beloved, but you are a prisoner of HOPE!

I Am Silencing the Avenger

My comfort is empowering and enabling.

Not on My Watch

You are My Watchman of the New Covenant, not sent to warn but to SAVE.

The Lion of Judah Has Prevailed

YAHWEH is with you like a Dread Champion; therefore, your persecutors will stumble and not prevail.

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