Debbie Kitterman

Debbie Kitterman is a breath of fresh air with a down-to-earth teaching style. As a prophetic encourager, she partners with churches and individuals to realize their God potential. Debbie is passionate about people claiming their God-given inheritance. Her teachings inspire faith and build bridges for people to believe and expect the impossible. Debbie is an international speaker, author, podcaster and an ordained Foursquare pastor currently serving with her husband as senior pastors of Restoration Church in Lacey, Washington. She is the author of Releasing God’s Heart Through Hearing His Voice. Her book The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement: Hearing the Words of God for Others, was released by Chosen Books in August 2018. She is also the founder and teacher of, an online course designed to equip believers in releasing God’s heart. She has been married to her high school sweetheart John for 30 years, and they have two grown children. Her newest book, The Gift of Prophetic Encouragement Bible Study: Living a Lifestyle of Encouragement, was released in Feb. 2020.

DARE 2 HEAR: Prophetic Community – Part 1

In this episode, we talk about how a prophetic community fits into God’s Kingdom Plans and how we can go about changing the mindsets regarding the questionable reputation of prophecy.

DARE 2 HEAR: Bringing Heaven to Earth

Jesus said the Kingdom of heaven is at hand, so what exactly does this mean?  How do we walk in this truth and manifest heaven on earth? It all goes back to identity, authority, and dominion.

DARE 2 HEAR: Prophetic Processing – with Michelle Deuz

Have you ever received a prophetic word and then not know what to do with it?  Do I do something? Do I sit and wait for God? Or is it just “poof” going to happen? My guest this week, Michelle Deuz, talks about how prophetic processing is an invitation to a deeper conversation.

DARE 2 HEAR: Renewing the Mind – with Barbara Colacchia

As a follow-up to last week’s show with our special guest Barbara Colacchia, we discuss practical steps and scriptures about the importance of taking every thought captive. Romans 12:1-2

DARE 2 HEAR: Taking Every Thought Captive

Today, I talk with author Barbara Colacchia as we discuss the importance of taking every thought captive. We discuss how taking our thoughts captive is an important key to intimacy with God. Barbara also operates in words of knowledge to release healing which she did at the end of the show.

DARE 2 HEAR: Breaking Anxiety’s Grip – with Dr. Michelle Bengtson

Today’s Guest, Dr. Michelle Bengtson, and I discuss her newly released book: Breaking Anxiety’s Grip. We all know the Bible tells us to not worry or be anxious for nothing, but how exactly do we do that? How do we reclaim the Peace Of God’s Promises?

DARE 2 HEAR: Raising Up Prophetic People

Raising healthy prophetic people is so important to be connected in community with others. As a prophetic voice, you have a role to play for your region and your nation.

DARE 2 HEAR: Activating the Angelic – with Margie Moormann

Special Guest Margie Moorman Part 2 – Practical steps to activate your spiritual eyes and heart to engage with Angels.

DARE 2 HEAR: Angels with Margie Moormann – Part 1

This episode is all about Angels as I interview Margie Moormann and discuss everything about Angels. Margie talks about the importance of using discernment and remaining open to what God wants to do in your life regarding angelic encounters.

DARE 2 HEAR: Dreaming With God – with Lisa Perna

What do you do when God drops a dream in your heart that is too big for you? Special Guest Lisa Perna shares with us 4 practical steps to step out and partnering with God to see His dreams and plans come to pass. We also talk about stepping out in faith when God gives you a dream.

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