David Ruybalid

David Ruybalid is committed to writing in order to both help skeptics consider Christianity in fresh new ways, and to help devoted followers of Jesus grow deeper in the ways of Jesus. He currently resides in Arizona with his family and is studying to become a priest in the Anglican Churches in North America. He has had articles published by Amity Coalition, Altarwork, and currently writes for http://www.IDoubtIt.online. David also runs a podcast with Zach Zienka (www.ZachZienka.com) called “I Doubt It”. He is a member of “The College Theology Society”, whose journal is published by Cambridge University Press twice a year. Find out more at www.DavidRuybalid.com.

Odin and Ash Wednesday – An Apologetic Post

Unfortunately with the rise of YouTube videos, people can watch conspiracy documentaries or informational videos that are full of half-truths and missing pieces.

A Theology of January 6th, 2021

Remember, when you see an angry and violent mob, it is not of God.

We Are Still Calling for Barabbas, Instead of Jesus

There were crazy movements that wanted to revolt against Rome. Many in the name of God.

The Most Amazing Christmas Ever!! -Thoughts for Ministry Teams

What if we see God in the ordinary? What if we reshape what is excellent and life-changing, based on the Biblical account of Jesus’s birth.

Learning From Mary: An Advent Post

Romans 8 tells us that creation “waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed” so that creation can be released from the bondage of decay.

Let Us Not Neglect Meeting Together

Many of us are being challenged by what it means to be the church.

Spiritual Practice: Liturgy with a Focus on Peace

Throughout the history of Christianity, followers of Jesus have used liturgy as a rhythm that leads them in prayer and worship.

Jesus the Good Shepherd (Pastor)

What can we learn from The Good Shepherd?

The Death Penalty, Being Biblical, and Jesus

Capital punishment for crimes laid out in places like Leviticus 20 would have already been in practice, and Genesis 9 is mirroring that practice.

Thoughts on Justice and Persecution from the Beatitudes

Oftentimes, the values of God’s kingdom are different than the values of the kingdoms of this world.

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