David Lindner

David Lindner is a husband to (the amazing) Bekki (Chasingsupermom.com), Father to four, Pastor at SixEight Church in Vancouver, WA (68church.com) as well as an author/blogger/podcaster (davidlindner.net)

Three Myths We Believe about Church Shopping

But eventually, something WILL happen in every church that can make your experience there “unhappy”.

THE JESUS HABIT PODCAST: How The Story You’re Telling Yourself Is Keeping You Stuck

Episode 128 – We aren’t just living a story, we are telling ourselves a story about ourselves. We probably have a villain and likely have positioned ourselves as a victim in some way. This story we have been telling ourselves has led us to this point in our lives. If we want to be someone different than we are right now, we have to start telling ourselves a new story. 


Episode 127 – In this episode, we’re going to talk about that one thing you absolutely must do if you want to change. Without this, you may as well never even begin the process because you’re just going to get frustrated when you fail. So, what is this one thing? Listen in to find out!

THE JESUS HABIT PODCAST: Self-Talk and How Our Beliefs Affect Our Ability To Change

Episode 126 – As we continue through our discussion of the science behind transformation, we talk about the effect our self-talk has on our ability to change as well as the underlying beliefs that drive that talk. We may be sabotaging ourselves without even knowing it. 

THE JESUS HABIT PODCAST: We Are What We Repeatedly Do

Episode 125 – Do you know those older people who can’t remember anything, but if you start singing a hymn, they can sing right along with you? How does that happen? People say habits form in 20 days and 40 days, but is that really how long it takes? Or is there more to it than that? And isn’t following Jesus supposed to be more “organic” than that?

THE JESUS HABIT PODCAST: “My Truth” and the Fake News Your Brain is Telling You

Episode 133 – Everyone’s throwing around this phrase “my truth” these days as if it’s legitimate. Is it? What does it even mean? At the same time, your brain is telling you a story about your life. Some parts are true others of it are fake news. How do we overcome this? Listen in to get some real practical tips to overcome the fake new narrative in your brain. 

THE JESUS HABIT PODCAST: The Formula for Transformation

Episode 124 – Last episode, we talked about the 3 core components of discipleship or any kind of transformation, content, context & community. Today we are going to look at the formula for transformation. You might be asking, “Formula? You think there’s a formula for transformation?” Yes, I actually do.

It’s Time: Peacemakers, the World Needs You!

Being at peace with someone doesn’t mean you agree with them. It simply means your bond with them overarches disagreements.

THE JESUS HABIT PODCAST: The Content, Context and Community of Discipleship

Episode 123 – In this week’s episode of The Jesus Habit Podcast, we are going to start getting into the science of transformation. What are the core components necessary to become like Christ? Is it simply about knowing enough of the right information or is there more than that? I invite you to listen to discover what might be missing from your transformation journey. 

Normal Sounds So Good (in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic)

Listen to or Read Episode 122 – There will be a new normal as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Whether that’s good or bad will depend on us. We can long for things to go back to the way they were or we can look for ways that God can work in the new normal.

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