David Lindner

David Lindner is a husband to (the amazing) Bekki (Chasingsupermom.com), Father to four, Pastor at SixEight Church in Vancouver, WA (68church.com) as well as an author/blogger/podcaster (davidlindner.net)

What Is Justice Anyway?

How do we determine if something is just or unjust? We let God decide. There is no justice without the constant of God’s truth.

Be Joyful Now: Joy on Layaway Part 2

The funny thing is joy isn’t even the point. Jesus is the point. Focus on Jesus, and joy will come. I doubt you can be focused on Jesus and not have joy.

Be Joyful Now: Joy on Layaway Part 1

There was something I wanted but couldn’t afford all at once. I didn’t have a credit card, so I thought I’d put it on layaway.

Playing Checkers While the Devil is at War

We like the personal effects of Jesus in our lives, how He loves us and makes us feel better about ourselves…Meanwhile, while we’re playing a game, our adversary has been plotting this war against God’s bride for thousands of years.

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