Dave Maynard

He earned a Michigan provisional teaching certificate and a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in physics and minors in astronomy, chemistry & mathematics. He has done graduate work in astro-physics, worked as a physics graduate teaching assistant and taught college astronomy. He has worked as a research & development laboratory manager at a plastics company, an automotive engineer, a chemist and a public & private high school teacher in math, physics & chemistry.He is currently retired from his own advanced materials tooling company. He has taught Christian adult education since the mid 1990’s at 2 churches. He was Director of Adult Education at one church and is now a teacher of Adult Education at his present church. Since becoming a Christ-follower in 1974, he has been an avid student of the Bible, with a special emphasis on apologetics (rationally defending the faith).He & his wife, Patti, have been married about 43 years and have 3 adult sons and 9 wonderful grandchildren.

No More Mr. Nice Guy

I would rather stand with God and be judged by the world than stand with the world and be judged by God.

Is There a War Between Christianity and Science?

A little history lesson will help to answer this question.

Prove to Me the Accuracy of the Bible

There is a good and sufficient answer in Scripture itself to refute every charge that has ever been leveled against it.

Heeding the Watchmen-On-the-Wall

We have to stand up and do what He tells us to do.

What I Learned from TV

Mr. Cleaver was the fount of wisdom, knowledge, love, and forgiveness.

On Death and Dying

We prepare for so many things throughout our lives. But the one thing we don’t prepare for is our death.

Finishing Well

In order to give your life meaning, you must have a higher purpose, something that you’re passionate about.

Gray Hair, Wisdom and the Passage of Time

Having gray hair doesn’t mean you’re wise. But the bible does say that those who follow the Lord over a long period of time will be the wiser for it.

The Doors of Scripture

In a god-fearing Hebrew home, doors were used to speak God’s truths.

The Desert

Sometimes, God is silent and seems far away from us. It’s not what’s really happening but it can seem like that. He is always right by us.

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