Daniel Pontious

Daniel Pontious is a Kingdom Winds Contributor and passionate about teaching and revealing the Heart of the Father and Drawing people Closer to Him. It is his desire to see every member of the Body of Christ Functioning in their Personal Identity In Him!

Farsighted or Shortsighted?

Those who are farsighted are able to see the Resurrection Power of the Holy Spirit in operation in their lives and the lives of those around them.

Unstopping the Fountain of Living Waters

There is a Spring of Living Water that God is going to have you tap into and it is going to add something fresh to what you’ve inherited from previous generations.

From Transition to Transformation

While the Valley of the Shadow of Death isn’t a comfortable place for anyone, it does actually serve a purpose.

What’s Gods Opinion of Your Life?

There’s only one opinion that really matters to me, and that is God’s!

The Lord Is Raising the Standard!

The Flood is about to recede and vanish away because of the Presence of God in your life!

Is it a Formula Or an Encounter?

We have an open door into personal relationship with the King of Kings, not just to observe, but to learn Who He really is and His Way.

The Stirring of the Waters

While reading the written Word is profitable in one way, reading it through the Holy Spirit’s tutelage causes it to become Alive!

Casting Out the Carnal Nature

Holy Spirit brings His Resurrection Power upon us and God’s Grace, Presence, and Peace come through that place of death to self.

Divine Design for Your Life

Staying in daily fellowship with Him will keep us from taking the Paths that look right but are destructive for us in the end.

Turning Your Molehills Into Mountains

We buy into the enemy’s lies to the place where a random passing possibility becomes a fully functioning reality in our minds and hearts.

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