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“Whore!”: Rejecting the Labels Others Cast Our Way

I don’t remember what happened before, but I do know how I felt afterward.

Three Dreams About President Trump

I believe the prophetic words that have been spoken and that he will have two terms. 

Three Ways to Maximize the Gift of Tongues in Your Prayer Life

Pray in tongues as you are driving in your car, doing work around the house, taking a shower, mowing the lawn, or other activities.

Political Dreams: Deception and Collusion Revealed

There is a very strong delusion, and much deception going on with this election, and we need to be in strong prayer against what the enemy is using to deceive many people, even many Christians. 

Different Facets of The Same Stone!

The more time I spend with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, the more He continues to reveal different facets of His existence to me…

Elephants in the Room

I’m going to ask you over this next month to listen to some counter preaching, an alternate narrative to what you’re hearing from the cultural pulpit.

Vision: The Cross and The Blood

I saw the cross and behind me was the world and all its trouble.

I Hear a New Sound Being Released

You will find that which seemed to weigh and bog your down is no longer there.

When We Hold the Sacred, We Too are Held

As the clock wanders wearily into night’s darkness, it’s ticking seems to grow louder.

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