Chris Bennett

Chris and Linda Bennett, are founders of The Upper Room - A Place of Encounter. Upper Room has at its heart a great yearning to see revival return to the UK—to Wales in particular. The ministry operates in all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. They currently live in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, but are called to Wales to help usher in revival.

Revival in Quietness

Expect Me in the quietness and in the silent moments.

Do You Hear the Rain?

Wake up before you miss the wonder and excitement of Him moving among you.

Higher Ground

It is time for My People, The Church, to move to higher ground.

Tear Down and Build Up

Call for righteous men and women to be placed in positions of power that have been corrupted by the politics of greed.

Use What’s In Your Hand!

So many of My people, even My appointed leaders, have no idea of the power at their disposal.

The Veil was Torn

Reverential Fear of The LORD shall return to My Church.

Let the Real Prophets Stand Up

Let the real prophets, in humility, speak only what The LORD gives them to speak.

Darkest Before Dawn

Pentecost 2022 will see The Holy Spirit Fire fall on the “Upper Room Remnant,” known as the Remnant Church, and bring revival to the world.

Hard Choices

Let this warning act as a call to My people to repentance and to prayer.

Contending for Breakthrough

I am looking for those who will contend wherever they find themselves, quietly, maybe silently, pleading with Me for the souls of men.

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