Cameron King

Cameron King had a radical encounter with God as a teenager, and has since devoted a large portion of his life to prayer and worship. This desire to be intimate with God birthed a love for the prophetic and healing ministry. For years, Cameron has trained people to hear from God, and he helps activate the supernatural gifts of the Spirit in the lives of believers. His mission is to help serious disciples develop intimacy with God, move in power, and live principle-centered lives. Cameron is the lead pastor of Newsong Church, a thriving congregation that is passionate in worship, active in spiritual gifts, and is on the cutting edge of seeking a spirit-filled outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the East side of Atlanta. He and his wife, Rachel, live in the Monroe area with their four daughters, Abby, Alena, Maddie Grace, and Eliana.

The New Wonders of the World

These new wonders of the world will be men and women who move in power, but also walk in humility.

Pandemic Prophecy: God, “What Are You Doing?”

The slow down on the outside has resulted in a shaking on the inside, but soon they will find internal stillness.

A Prayer for Those Who Hear the Gospel, But Refuse to Accept the Message

Many people hear the gospel but refuse to respond to the truth. This prayer is for them.

A Prayer to Grow in the Anointing of the Holy Spirit

We also have a responsibility to develop and deploy what has been given to us, so we can grow in it. 

The Coming Marketplace Prophets

These strategically placed prophets in the marketplace will deliver the answers, interpretations, and strategies to bring these desires into reality.

A Prayer for Victory Over Worldliness

We’re in the world but not of the world. The problem is when the desire of the world lives in us. But the power of the Holy Spirit can change our desires.

A Prayer That Young Men Will Be Discipled Within The Church

I believe in everyone within the church, but young men really need guidance and discipleship. They need spiritual fathers that will train them in the ways of righteousness.

A Prayer to Love My Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Believers today talk about love, sing about love, and study about love. This is great, but we must be reminded that God calls us to express love.

Your Second Chance Is Coming!

If you’re waiting for a second chance, the Lord wants you to know a few things to prepare you for the coming opportunity.

A Prayer to Know God and Be Obedient to Him

This prayer seeks to know God but also accepts His commandments and Lordship. Pray this prayer with me. Trust God for the enablement to live obediently.

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