Calvin Camillle Hanson The Holistic Pursuit

Calvin Hanson

Calvin and his wife Camille are on a pursuit toward wholeness and the abundant life in God through Jesus. Join them! They write about their journey on their blog, The Holistic Pursuit.

A Kingdom of Threads

While we are in the moment, we have a range of activity and challenges that make it difficult to see the big picture of what God is doing.

Navigating Through Transition

We have transitioned more times than I can count over the last 10 years, but this one has by far been the hardest…emotionally, physically, spiritually.

6 Things I Do Every Morning

If we have some good morning habits, our day will be better. I almost feel like I am setting myself up for success when I do these 6 things every morning.

What Is the Gospel?

Not only is the gospel a story, but it’s a good story. Good stories have many layers to them, and the gospel is no different.

The Lies You Believe That Prevent You From Travel

But traveling for me has changed how I see everything about life, and that’s why I’d like to break a few lies to open you up to the idea of international travel.

Own Your Faith

The temptation is to take the easy path, but it leads to, well…destruction. Take the narrow path because only you fit on it. No one else can lead you.

Experiencing God In Another Language

“Tu está aquí.” Three simple Spanish words meaning “You are here.” They became the first words in a foreign language that I connected to God with. It turns out God can also be “Dios.”

How I Learned to Hear God’s Voice

This revelation that God does speak and not just to specific people but to everyone, even me, radically changed my life and how I live.

Odd Yet Effective Ways To Be More Creative

Creativity is a funny thing. It seems to come and go when it pleases. Sometimes it hits you at the worst times and keeps you awake at night. Being in the business of creativity, I am fascinated by it—where it comes from, how to cultivate it, etc.

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