Britta Lafont

A Kingdom creative.

In Advent, We Remember

In Advent, we remember. We retell the very same story every year because there isn’t a better story to tell. The gospel is the greatest story ever told.

Remembering the Right Way

What does it mean to remember? Where does your mind go when it wanders?

When You’re Feeling Weary. Again.

But more days than I’d like, I feel like a square peg in a round hole. Everyone here is lovely. Really, very lovely. But they’ve known each another for ten, fifteen, twenty years. I’m not sure I want to know the answer to this, but Is that how long it will take for me to find my place here?

The Pendulum

God’s love towards us does not swing back and forth like a pendulum; He is steady. He is faithful, more like a metronome, keeping time and helping us to make our music well.

Every Moment is a Gift

Every moment is a gift, not a guarantee. God is calling us to rest in His goodness and see the beauty He provides in our everyday lives.

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