Brie Gowen

Brie is also a huge lover of Jesus. She finds immense joy in the peace a relationship with her Savior provides, and she might just tell you about it sometime. Please visit Brie's homepage for more information at

Something I Learned When My Daughter Got Sick

It’s easier not to worry about the worst-case scenario when the child belongs to someone else, but when they’re your child, it changes everything.

How Would Jesus Respond to Black Lives Matter?

We must take the role of servant and see to the hurting people around us, forgetting our own pain, and only seeing that of others.

Could I Trust You Not to Murder My Black Son?

I wanted God’s heart for me personally on this issue, and I prayed to Him for what I should say.

My Opinion on Conspiracy Videos

That being said, I found myself this morning wondering too much about what is true, and what is not.

How I Learned to Fall in Love

My knight in shining pj’s, smirking like Steve Erwin on the trail of a crikey rattler.

Making it Not Meaningless

Today as I talked to the Lord about what was rumbling around in my head lately, I felt the leading to read Ecclesiastes.

What COVID-19 Has Done for the Church

We’re in a time of our lives where we can bring church home. We can bring it into our hearts!

COVID-19: An Inside Look

If you stood in my shoes you would hold a patient’s hand with your own gloved one, attempting to offer comfort, wiping away a stray tear, patting their arm compassionately.

Who Do You Say I Am? A Guide to Victory in the Pandemic

You see, God isn’t hard to find. It’s just hard for us to do the locating. We’re too distracted by the world to realize that He is here with us all along.

Three Things God Says About COVID-19

If I were to offer any advice during this time of social distancing it would be this. Use this time to read the Bible. Y’all! There’s a wealth of truth and wisdom from the Lord inside those pages. Let them be a healing balm to your worried soul. Let them guide your decisions so that fear doesn’t lead you, but His peace sustains you.

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