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We help people walk in friendship with God.

Unvocational Ministry

Episode #66 – Join Joe with special guest John Longshore as they talk about being love to those around us.

Where the Apple Falls

Episode #65 – Coach and Joe spend this episode considering how to re-calibrate the kind of fruit we’re producing in our lives. 

A Critical Consideration

Episode #64 – Coach and Joe deliver a challenging podcast by constructing a dividing line between having a critical eye and hosting a critical spirit

Some Serious Knowledge

Episode #63 – In this light-hearted episode, Coach takes some time interviewing Joe about how to grow in hearing “Words of Knowledge” from God.

Listening vs. Hearing

Episode #62 – Coach and Joe chat with us about a metric to tell whether or not you’re actually hearing what the Lord is saying in your life rather than just listening. 

The Two Steps to Growth

Episode #61 – In this episode, Coach and Joe walk us through some practical thoughts on keeping from becoming hard-hearted through our disobedience to God. 

God’s Tough Love

Episode #60 – Join Coach and Joe as they describe the rising measure of expectation that God has for us when we continue to climb His mountain. 

Reconsidering Goodness

Episode #59 – Coach and Joe spend some time reconsidering what our definition of “goodness” should be and whether or not we may be suffering from some major misconceptions about God. 

Profitable Prayers

Episode #58 – Coach and Joe sit down with us to talk about how sometimes our prayers are indicators of a lack of understanding of the authority we carry as sons and daughters of God. 

Slow and Steady

Episode #57 – In this episode, Coach and Joe sit down to teach us about the importance of overcoming our “have it now” culture and learning to value a slower pace with God. 

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