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Slow and Steady

Episode #57 – In this episode, Coach and Joe sit down to teach us about the importance of overcoming our “have it now” culture and learning to value a slower pace with God. 

The Tightrope of Paradox or The Pursuit of Paradox

Episode #56 – Join Coach and Joe for a spell as they pursue the necessity of paradox in our lives.

The Process and the Pearl

Episode #55 – Coach and Joe walk us through the importance of accepting suffering so that we can walk through uncomfortable territories and into our Promised Land. 

Kind or Stern: Part 2

In this episode, Coach and Joe explore Foxe’s Book of Martyrs and talk more on the joy that we can receive when we understand both the kindness and severity of God. 

Kind or Stern: Part 1

Episode #53 – Coach and Joe spend time explaining the double-sided coin of God’s kindness and sternness mentioned in Romans 11:22. 

Crushing Comparison

Episode #52 – Join Coach and Joe as they show us the kind of accomplishment God values and why we shouldn’t walk under the weight of comparison. 

The Proximity Paradox

Episode #51 – Joe sits down again with Lee Vartanian to discuss the hard truth that certain levels of proximity with the wrong people can lead to our own demise

Objectively Prophetic: Part 2

Episode #50 – Joe sits back down with his guest Lee Vartanian to chat about the responsibilities we have when delivering prophetic words.

Objectively Prophetic

Episode #49 – Joe sits down with special guest Lee Vartanian to talk about his role as the senior prophet of Bridgeway Church and what it looks like to properly steward messages from the Lord.

A Long Dress Rehearsal

Episode #47 – Sit down with Coach and Joe as they talk about finding true fulfillment on earth by understanding that it’s merely an entry point into eternity.

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