Brandie Muncaster

Brandie Muncaster is a wife and mother who possesses a passion for God’s Word, praying for people, and seeing God transform people’s lives through inner healing. As someone who has known the powerful transforming work of God in her own life, it is her passion to see others experience the same! Brandie and her husband have been married for over a decade, and they have three young children. Their most favorite past times are playing sports, and spending time outdoors either at the beach or in the mountains. The Muncaster family happily resides in the Charlotte, NC area.

Laying Aside Our Old Identity.

Maybe you feel unlovable, unacceptable, unworthy, inadequate, or not fit for the job.

8 Mental Health Tips for Anyone That is Feeling Anxious or Depressed

I knew too well the effects of having mentally ill family members and I did not want my kids to suffer the same pain that I did growing up.

How God Changed My Distorted Perspective About Rest

I say no to things that wouldn’t allow me to live up to the full potential God wants for my life —so I can be rested and available for the things He wants to do in me and through me.

Practicing the Art of Loving Well

Imagine the impact we could have in the lives of those around us if we practiced the art of loving ourselves well.

The Experience of Meeting My Biological Father (Part 3)

We had just gotten back from the beach where the retreat had taken place and I got a call. Looking down at my phone, I saw that it was my half-sister, Sue.

The Experience of Meeting My Biological Father (Part 2)

My stomach was in knots as I talked with my step-sister, who was trying to keep me from running back to my car and driving away.

The Experience of Meeting My Biological Father (Part 1)

The day I began the process of finding my biological dad was just like any other ordinary day, except that day I felt an extraordinary amount of confidence. 

8 Things to Know If You Have Lost a Loved One From Suicide

When I first began my grief process, it seemed intense. I would be watching a movie that reminded me of him and I would suddenly start ugly crying.

The Night I Wanted to Take My Life and God Intervened

I felt like I no longer had any options other than to just end the suffering and pain I had endured for many years.

The Miracle of Christmas

I thanked the Lord and kindly reminded Him of the promise He made me. I confidently assumed that we would have a girl on our next go-around.

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