Antonwaun Johnson

Reverend Antonwaun K. M. Johnson is an ordained associate minister at Macedonia Church of Augusta located in Augusta, Georgia and is under the spiritual leadership of Bishop Gregory M. Fuller who he is also very proud to call his spiritual father. Reverend Johnson has a compassion for God’s people and embraces his ministry of liberation and edification. He is the proud father of his son Caiden Christopher and thanks God every day for blessing him with a perfect gift!

Amidst the Storm: It Will Come to Pass

God is not a God that will leave us when we need Him the most!

It’s Already Better

Nobody wants to endure pain, but the pain is necessary to make us stronger. You have endured or may be enduring a lot, but you are still here!

God Has His Hands On You

You may ask “Lord, why me?” or “Lord, why am I going through this?” Just as He trusted Job to go through, He trusts you, too!

You Can Handle It!

My brothers and my sisters, I may not know the full extent of your circumstances, your situation, or your storm, but God wants you to know that you can handle it!

Don’t Worry, Everything Will be Alright and Will Work out for You

When you believe in God and know what God has done for you, then you can encourage others not to worry and know it is working for you!

The Setup Place

Your setup place may not be like my setup place, but when we are in that place, praise Him and worship Him!

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