Anita Alexander

Dr. Anita Alexander Th.D is a Prophetic Revivalist, Teacher, Intercessor, Psalmist, Author, and Songwriter. Anita graduated with her Doctorate of Theology degree from the North Carolina College of Theology in 2021. Together with her husband Dr. Sasha Alexander, she is the co-founder of Golden City Church, Kingdom Academy School of the Spirit, and Director of Revival Flame Ministries.

Our Unchanging God

More than ever, it is imperative we are yolked to the light and not obscure imitations of a redefined Christ.

November – It’s Time for the Turning

This turning refers to a new beginning, the ending of the old and the beginning of the new.

When All Hope is Gone

We must remember that Hope is unseen and is not measured by signs or senses.

Josephs are Being Prepared for Their Suddenly

Those who carry the future often feel disdain and contempt from those who are wrapped up in the present that is out of alignment with Yahweh’s ways. 

Jealousy and Envy

Labor in travail for your portion with Him and let your joy be full.

Beware of Divination

Divination is real and it not only can take you off course and cause confusion to your walk, but it can also actually make you sick.

Corporate Christianity 

Cultures and systems that hijack God’s presence and prevent the Spirit from moving, keep God’s people immature and hinder them from rising into true sonship.

It is Time for “Centurion” Faith for Miracles

Step into the kind of faith that made Jesus marvel. Now that’s something!

The Days at Hand- Coming Persecution and the Birthing of the Overcomer

I believe the overcomers are about to come forth, the revealing of the sons of God. The devil as he has repeatedly done throughout the ages when a deliverer was about to come forth, wages war to destroy the seed.

The Lord is Positioning the Remnant for Their “Born For” Season

God in His furious fiery love is in pursuit of these entanglements that have suffocated His beloved’s heart.

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