Andrew Whalen

Andrew Whalen is a Kingdom Winds Contributor. He has been called by the Lord to partner prophetically with Kingdom: businesses, ventures, movements, and leaders to strategically accelerate each one into the fulfillment of their kingdom purpose.

Dream: “It’s Elementary Dear Watson”

Many of His people have stopped practicing and revisiting fundamental, elementary, and foundational truths and realities of the kingdom.

My Dream – A Tough Pill to Swallow

We need to repent for areas where we are exchanging His glory for self-worship and idols.

Prophetic Word: We are in the Interval

We are in a holding pattern within a valley of the shadow of darkness.

Dream: Red Shoes are the Key to Win the Race

A call to take a stand in the victory of the blood of Christ, and in the revelation of our communal covenant.

Dream: The Swamp is Ready to Burn, and America is about to PEAK

I am very encouraged by this dream.  I believe this is a timing dream about where we are, and what is about to happen. 

A Dream, Spiderman, and Wisdom

I believe God is calling us to understand the moment of time we are in: It is the times of Revolution again.

President Trump: Curses to Blessings

I sensed an immediate ‘rush to curse’ Trump from this camp of darkness.

Dream: The Spiritual Significance of the American Flag

The flag represents the blood of men and women who died in honor, to uphold ideals they believed were just and righteous.

Godzila Is On Main Street

The beast began to chase people down the street. It had such anger and rage in its eyes. People began to scream in terror as the beast charged forward.

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