Amy Elaine Martinez

Amy Elaine Ministries (AEM) exists to help heart-shattered lives become whole again through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. Through Bible teaching, speaking, writing, and blog posts, Amy Elaine offers hope to those longing for a deeper, more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ... In addition to, AEM hosts Real Victory Radio, a listener-supported radio ministry outreach program where Amy Elaine and her new cohost, LaTan Roland Murphy talk about how to GET REAL: Ready & Equipped for an Authentic Life of Victory! With special guests, author interviews, and Biblical teaching, you’ll be encouraged to go courageously and live victoriously.

REAL VICTORY RADIO: Learning How to Fight in Spiritual Warfare – with Guest Shannon Geurin

Episode #4 – Join Amy Elaine as she talks about GETTING EQUIPPED! We have everything we need living inside of us to fight the good fight. We’ve been equipped with supernatural weapons of warfare, but we have to learn how to use them.

REAL VICTORY RADIO: What to Do When You Don’t Have Answers

Episode #77 – What can you do when you don’t have any answers? That’s exactly what we’re talking about this episode on Real Victory Radio!

REAL VICTORY RADIO: Fruitful Living – Peace

Episode #93 – All day… every day… Peace is possible. We’re continuing our Fruitful Living Series, and we’re talking about Peace this week. We know you need it and can’t wait to share some thoughts on how to get it and keep it.

REAL VICTORY RADIO: Fruitful Living – Joy

Episode #90 – When your walk is not a dance anymore… joy is still available.

Fruitful Living Series – LOVE with Amy Elaine & LaTan

Episode 91 – Join Amy Elaine and LaTan for a discussion about Love and Fruitful Living.

REAL VICTORY RADIO: Fruitful Living – Joy

Episode #90 – When your walk is not a dance anymore… joy is still available.

REAL VICTORY RADIO: Shift Your Focus – with Abby McDonald

While God may seem far away or uninterested in the details of our lives, Abby’s book offers encouragement to inspire our discouraged hearts that no matter the circumstances, we can see God in our lives in the here and now.

REAL VICTORY RADIO: Worthy—Celebrating The Value of Women – with Special Guest Eric Schumacher

“Worthy: Celebrating the Value of Women” by Eric Schumacher and Elyse Fitzpatrick is what we’re talking about on today’s show! Wondering what the Bible says about women? The topic of women in the church is highly debated and this book is an absolute must-read!

REAL VICTORY RADIO: Fruitful Living – with Amy Elaine Martinez and LaTan Roland Murphy

Episode #87 – Fruitful Living is a life that bears much fruit. That’s the kind of life we are called to live, and it’s possible. Better yet, it’s beautiful!

REAL VICTORY RADIO: Clinging to the Vine – with Amy Elaine and LaTan

Episode #86 – This episode offers comfort for these troubling times and we’d love for you to listen in.

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