Abigail Fricke

Abby is a lover of all things food and music. She marches to the beat of her own drum with fierce independence. A southern transplant from D.C., she lives and teaches in Charleston S.C. She is an avid writer and owns the blog twentysomething where she navigates the everyday adventures and trials of being a Christian twentysomething. Check her out at www.abbyfricke.com

Give Yourself a Pat

Criticism has slowly allowed our culture to accept judging as the latest fashion trend. I’d like to think otherwise. It’s time for a pat on the back.

When God Sends Mail from the Past

Ever thought God had taught you a lesson, and that was it? Class dismissed…only to get a letter in the mail saying you needed to re-learn that lesson.

Who’s Your King?

Wealth is just one of the many things we give value to over God.  In reality, we really struggle with much more than just wealth.

Teacher Chronicles: Stop Cutting Corners

Last week, 10,000 teachers gathered at the state capital in Columbia, SC to protest and advocate for the education system. I want set some facts straight.

Racial Tension: A Review of Small Great Things

Whether people are willing to admit it or not, racism is still not resolved in our country. We see this everywhere with bitterness and lack of empathy.

Chasing Sunsets

To this day, I still chase the moments that allow for risk and look forward to that drive to Folly where I feel myself come alive through the beauty of nature and the infiniteness of us all.

The Narrow Path

I can’t help but view the path of righteousness like that beam. It’s narrow. It’s intimidatingly high. And it’s long.

Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

If we can learn to love ourselves despite these flaws and inherent sins, we can learn to genuinely love each other the way that God intended.

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