Assurance of Being Sustained

His never-ending love and strength hold us up so we don’t slip. 

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Are you needing assurance of God’s restoration to be sustained?  When God sustains us, we are restored!  He teaches us how to fight because “He gives us a shield of victory, and He stoops down to make us great.  He broadens the path beneath us so that our ankles do not turn.”  Psalm 18: 35-36

Have you ever been so weak that your ankles turn from not being strengthened?  As I child, learning to ice skate, I experienced wobbly ankles that were not strong and steady.  God in His sustaining power stoops down and broadens the path beneath our wobbly, shaky ankles and causes us to stand up tall.  

Throughout our life, this kind of restoration goes on and on.  Here’s His promise: “Even to our old age and gray hair I am He; I am He who will sustain you.  I have made you and I will carry you.  I will sustain you.”  Isaiah 46: 4

Whatever strength you need, God is able.  Whatever you need victory over, He is your shield of victory.  His never-ending love and strength hold us up so we don’t slip.  “He makes our feet like those of a deer, and gives a sure footing on high places.”  Psalm 18: 33)  






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