Are We Being Still Enough To Hear God?

Recognize that God is always ready to help and that He is our strength.

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Are you longing for one specific answer from God and not yet received it?  If you’ve answered yes, so am I.

Hearing the voice of God can be difficult at times.  There are so many other voices screaming for our attention that His voice seems to be drowned out.  

Today, we are being exhorted to be still.  

What does that even look like?  For some, that’s a scary place because our lives are filled with things to do almost every hour.  Busyness is not a bad thing, but if little or no time is scheduled to just sit with God, to talk and pray with Him, then we are missing out on the most important part of our life, to experience His presence. 

Young mothers are wondering when they will have that time alone or when they can read a book and/or their Bible.  Busy executives are in and out of board meetings, working overtime to meet deadlines.  Even in retirement, there are things that are to be done and scheduled too.   

How can stillness be practiced?  

May I make a suggestion?  Perhaps retiring to bed just a bit earlier may help before lights out.  After you kiss the kid’s good night, turn in early yourself and just settle your spirit, reflecting on God’s goodness. In the morning, before anyone else is up, sneak down and grab that coffee alone with your Bible and play that favorite song that settles you.  

If you need to mark “God Time” down in your Planner, go ahead and write His name in.  That appointment with Him will not leave you disappointed. If you’re late, He’ll wait.  

How can we learn to be still?  We practice it!

Let’s look at the beginning verse of Psalm 46.  The very first verse says, “God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.”  Psalm 46: 10

Recognize that God is always ready to help and that He is our strength.

He not only helps, but He answers too!  He’s hearing our requests, our desires, and all the things that trouble us.  He’s feeling your frustration when you didn’t get that load of laundry folded yet or that last load out of the washer.  The dishes that are in the sink are ok to sit unwashed till morning.  

Sometimes the physical help we need, we don’t ask for because it may look like we are weak.  Hear me on this:  That’s a wrong assessment.  We are not failures because we didn’t complete what was on our “to-do” lists.  

Being still is not being unproductive.  

The world has dictated this lie to us, but God is desiring us to be still.  Why?  So, He can spend time with us! Don’t we love spending time with our children and those we love? 

HOW SHOULD WE RESPOND?  Take time and put all distractions away.  Go for a walk and ask God to speak. Put on a worship song, open your Bible and watch the Holy Spriit answer, refresh and restore you.  Remember this promise:   “I will answer them before they even call to me. While they are still talking about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers!”  Isaiah 65: 24 

How can He answer before we call, we ask?  Well, remember He’s God, but also, “Father knows what we need before we ask Him.”  Matthew 6: 8

Learning to be still makes us aware of how much God delights in helping and how we need His strength.   

Sit and let Him love on you. It will change your life!  Your answer will come in His time, in His way.  Just learn to rest. 





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