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Don’t wait on God in this season because God is waiting on you!

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A few days ago, I was praying in the sanctuary of our church and the Lord spoke to me and said, “I’m waiting.” I could strongly sense the presence of God and I knew something was different about this encounter. As I continued to pray, I could see and sense the presence of angels in the room with me. I could see that three angels were sitting in different spots in the room. I also saw two other angels just standing. It was almost as if they were bored.

Then the Lord spoke to me again and said, “I’m waiting and they are waiting.” I knew then that the Lord was talking about Himself and the angels I was seeing. The Lord then went on to say, “I’m waiting on many of My people who are supposed to lead the Church, the ekklesia, forward. Those who are on the front lines who are not moving the ekklesia forward have grown comfortable and complacent. But I am raising up a new remnant. They are not ready to lead yet but soon they will go forth and advance my Kingdom.”

Don’t wait on God in this season because God is waiting on you! I believe in this season, Heaven is waiting on us. The Lord has sent many angels on assignment to partner with us to move Heaven’s agenda forward, not our own. There are angels just waiting to be sent to bring breakthrough and manifest the Kingdom of God on the earth. It is our responsibility as the people of God to move forward and advance. In this hour, the Lord is waiting on you, He is waiting on me and there are angelic hosts that Heaven has sent on our behalf. It is vital that we partner with Heaven’s armies to see the Kingdom of God advance in this hour.

Get yourself into position to be a part of the remnant God is raising up. If you have grown comfortable and complacent begin to stir yourself up in the Lord. Draw near to God, lean in to hear what Heaven is saying, and begin to step out in faith. Now is the time to do all that God has called you to do without hesitation. God is waiting and angels are waiting on you! What will you do with this prophetic word? This is an hour where we cannot sit idly by or we will miss our mark. The culture and the world need for the children of God to manifest His Kingdom on the earth now more than ever. God is waiting on you! Angelic hosts are waiting on you! This is an hour where we each need to move forward confidently in the calling and grace God has given to us individually and together as the body of Christ.




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