Ancient Doors that Lead to Great Revelation and Kingdom Destiny

It is a birthing place of Revelation that leads to supernatural Transformation and Reformation.

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“Ancient Doors that lead to greater Revelation and Kingdom Destiny will suddenly appear… But watch, for the devourer, stands at the door!”

So, last night I had a dream which I won’t share fully now, but the Dream last night led me back to another powerful Dream I shared just two weeks before the United Kingdom went into full lock-down due to COVID in March 2020.

But in the Dream last night, I found myself standing before what looked like an Ancient Door, and parts of the Door were covered in overgrown foliage.

But I knew in my spirit that this Ancient Door led to a place that was connected to my Kingdom Destiny.

Now as I drew closer to the Door in the Dream, suddenly I sensed great danger looming at the entrance of the Door, and the presence of the spirit of fear was very tangible in that place.

However, in spite of the danger I felt and the fear that was swirling in the atmosphere, what was waiting behind the Door for me had far greater power, and was drawing me in closer and closer.

Now as I stood at the threshold of the Door — which was still shut — suddenly a beautiful pure White Dove appeared in the Dream, and it flew over my head and landed on the overgrown branches and leaves that covered some of the Ancient Door.

As the Dove sat upon the branches above the door, it began coo-cooing, and as the sound of the coo-cooing filled the atmosphere, suddenly the Ancient Door swung wide open, and I heard these words, “Listen! Be still and know that I AM God!”

As those Words filled the atmosphere, the spirit of fear was driven out of that place and the sense of great danger that was looming over the entrance of the door was instantly gone.

Now, as I drew even closer to the threshold of the Ancient Door, suddenly the beautiful White Dove flew through the door and onto the other side, and I heard these words, “Come up here… and I will show you what must take place after this…”

As those Words beckoned me to step over the threshold and onto the other side, it was quickened to me that the Ancient Door that had stood before me was The Door of ‘REVELATION’ (4)…(more to share soon)….

But as I came out of this Dream last night, The Holy Spirit quickened to me a powerful Dream I had at the beginning of 2020.

I submit to you we are about to enter into a time and season where Ancient Doors will suddenly appear before us — Ancient Doors that lead to greater Revelation and Kingdom Destiny.

As these Doors appear, there will be demonic danger at the Doors that will endeavor to stop your advancing into the deeper and higher dimensions of The Glory that God has for you to walk in and carry in this new era.

Like The Door of Destiny that stood before me at the beginning of 2020 — just before the virus sent nations into lock-down — I say to you, there is now an Ancient Door standing before us again.

It is an Ancient Door that leads to greater and weightier levels of Revelation and Wisdom that will cause our enemies to be trampled underfoot.

It is Divine Revelation that will take us from one level of Glory to another. It’s a place that will empower and equip you and me to fully embrace our true Identity and Kingdom Power and Authority for the journey ahead.

It is a birthing place of Revelation that leads to supernatural Transformation and Reformation.

Hence the Dragon stands at this Door of your Destiny looking to stop you from entering in.

Arise warriors, and let us resist him at this Door of Destiny, for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but powerful to the pulling down of every stronghold through Christ Jesus.

The Key to this Ancient Door is, ”The Sword of The Spirit,” therefore, fear not!

Be still and know that He is God! Come, let us go higher and see what must take place. It’s time to enter in through The Door of Revelation (4) Four, to possess the land of promise!



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