An Urgent Call to Repentance

The human race is short on words in any language that would adequately describe the magnitude of God’s love.

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My wife, Tracy, and I had a 10-day encounter with God in March of 2019. God could have shown up to Tracy and given her the visions, the emotional healing, and understanding. Instead, he revealed Himself to me, a broken man who desperately needed Him. Tracy bears witness to the encounter that healed me, our marriage, and charted a new course for our lives.

Keep in mind that I grew up believing God didn’t speak to people like He had spoken to me for those ten very intense days. I grew up in a church that didn’t teach the gifts of the Spirit. But when God showed up, everything began to change. I can’t possibly recall every detail, but I can tell you that I experienced His presence in ways more real than I can describe. His reality was in the room. His essence was all-consuming. Everything was alive and without bounds, beyond dimensional, beyond space and time, all emitting completeness and perfection. The love of Jesus was boundless. The human race is short on words in any language that would adequately describe the magnitude of His love. His undeniable Truth was bold, loud, and in my face. The authority accompanying the Truth was quiet, unassuming, but absolute. None was higher.

I have been shy, introverted, and guarded around other people for most of my life. I wouldn’t say I liked sharing details of my life with others. If you have read our book, Beyond Impossible, you understand why I was this way. During our encounter, God said to “Show up and tell the story.” Writing a book and speaking publicly was not an aspiration for me. With both, God began the process of moving me out of my comfort zone. Sometimes, the most remarkable breakthroughs for you and those around you lie just on the outside of your comfort zone.

I started journaling on the 6th day of the encounter and have journaled almost every day since. My journals are precious because God speaks to me through my pen. I want to reiterate what I have written before. Declaring that God speaks to me in this way is a bold statement. Doing so puts a target on my back that I would rather not have.

The Lord said, “Scholars, the church, and the secular world will come after you with a vengeance.” I am an uneducated man with a checkered past. I do not deserve, nor did I ask for the wonderful gifts He gave me. But I am forever thankful for each one. God chose me despite my apparent inadequacies. I want to answer His call with wisdom as I seek mentors who boldly serve God in a similar capacity. I have never liked labels, including the word “prophet.” The word carries a burden of responsibility which, for me, can be debilitating. I have heard many words from the Lord since he showed up in our home.

He said, “The time is now to share publicly the words I have given you for the last three years.” In a previous blog post, I shared that a revival of signs and wonders is coming. God will expose the evil in our government, schools, media, businesses, and churches.

These words may be difficult to read. On the surface, we hope and long for the goodness these actions from the Lord will bring. But as we go deeper, we see uncertainty, and we may ask ourselves and God, “What will happen and for how long?” I believe the transition will be painful for everyone, but we must remember that Jesus Christ is love, first and foremost. A love so great that He laid down His life to share it with us. I was allowed to see only a glimpse of His love, and during my encounter with Him, all I could say was, “No words…no words.” He is my Papa and a good dad who gives good gifts to His children.

As parents, we don’t always give our children what they want. We protect them from things and people that might cause them harm. Sometimes we discipline them to teach them right from wrong. At times, children do not listen to their parents and must learn hard lessons. Everything we do is out of love for them. God is no different. Let this be the frame for the words you are about to read from the Lord.

On December 2nd of, 2021, I began to hear from the Lord. However, I found myself telling the Lord that I could not write the words I was hearing. His response compelled me to write. With tears and a quivering hand, the following words came:

“Say to the people. The time of the Lord is now. The cleansing has begun. Those born of evil; repent. You have been put on notice. Your deeds will be allowed no more. Those who preach falsely from the pulpit; repent. Cry out to the Lord whom you proclaim to know. Seek forgiveness before the day of the Lord. Know again who I am. Recall my power and love. Your words fall softly on the ears of your students, those whom you lead. Know that I am the Lord. I will tolerate your lies no longer. Hear me and repent. False prophets beware; your time is at hand. Hear the word of the Lord. See the works of my hand. Change the words that cross your tongue. Remove the lies of the evil one. Speak words of Truth, or you shall see the hand of God fall upon you. Evil seeks to prevail, but their efforts are in vain. They will run, those born of evil, the spirits they serve. They will run and hide from the hand of the Lord who seeks them. They cannot hide; no mercy shall be theirs.”

Lord, my prayer is that those you intended to read these words will read and heed them. In Jesus’ name, Amen.



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Randal and Tracy Dowdy are the authors of Beyond Impossible: How a Divine Visitation Brought New Life to a Marriage. Randal and Tracy are living examples of the goodness of God, both individually and as a couple. After experiencing a supernatural encounter with God and seeing His restorative hand at work in undeniable ways, they now carry a mandate to reach those in the brokenness they were freed from. Through speaking, print, and multi-media, Randal and Tracy are carrying out God’s directive which is to “show up and tell the story.” Their prayer is that their story would inspire you to seek the God who is still writing yours.