An Ode to Covid-19

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A demonic, evil, hellish concoction

Has been released upon the earth

Its source is a reason for conjecture

We’re fighting it for all that we’re worth!

Mitigation is a new word we have learned

And it has changed the way we live

We no longer have freedom to move about

Or a handshake or hug to give.

Conspiracy theories are common as rain

Confusion is reigning supreme

People wake up every  morning

Wishing this mess was just a bad dream!

Lockdown is another term we’ve been taught

Cabin fever has been newly defined

No more running out to the restaurant or mall

We are truly, sincerely confined!

“This too shall pass”, an old friend said

And I know that statement is true

But behind the headlines, yet in plain sight

There is many an ominous clue.

This is not just about a deadly virus-

(Which deserves our full attention)

There’s a much deeper thing going on

In the midst of much apprehension.

Power grabs have risen up quickly

They are some politicians’ dream-

Mainstream media is having a heyday-

Things are really not what they seem.

Freedoms vanished quickly

Disappearing more each day

The “models” gave some guidance 

But they were wrong in every way.

New World Order proponents are giddy

They think that this is their chance

To destroy America’s economy

And make this our “last dance.”

“Au contraire,” we say to that notion

“We won’t even consider that thought

And they won’t use this to throw the election 

They most definitely will not!”

Because America was founded on freedom

And blood and sweat and tears

We won’t be destroyed by a contrived virus

Or paralyzed by unfounded fears!

We have seen our enemy and know his name

Lord of the flies and the master of lies

He has overplayed his hand this time

And he’s getting closer to his demise.

We are still one nation under God

And He surely has not forsaken us

The dark side had a clever plot-

But God is using it to awaken us!

Awake O sleeper, rise from the dust

It is the call of the Spirit, arise we must!

For years we’ve waited for this hour

The time has come to see God’s power!

What may seem right now like the darkest of days

Is truly the brightest in a myriad of ways

Families have been brought together again

People overcome by fear are repenting from sin!

Christians, no longer able to go to church

Some are left feeling like they’re in a lurch-

While others, not really concerned with survival

Are actively praying for a sovereign revival!

The fields are ripe and the harvest is ready

Get out your sickle and hold it steady!

Gird up your loins- hold on to your hat

I am truly believing that “this is that”

We are on a wild and most glorious ride

As the Father’s preparing His Son’s spotless bride!!!


Written by Debbie Fickess

Featured Image by specphotops on Unsplash

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