An Increase in Divine Expectation

If we are operating from a place of divine expectation, we are setting the stage for God to do the things that He has promised us that He would do!

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With everything going on and the constant changes that appear to be happening around us, sometimes nothing appears to be stable. This is causing so many people to run around in fear of what’s happening in our world that peace seems more and more like a luxury.

However, for those of us who are believers in Jesus Christ, those changes are turning into an atmosphere of expectation (as we are sitting upon the edge of our seats as it were) in anticipation of what the Lord is about to do!

Expectation is the plowed ground of the Holy Spirit waiting to receive the seeds of Supernatural Revelation from the Fathers throne. That Revelation will cause enormous growth to come forth in the seasons coming ahead. One of the definitions of expectation is “ONES PROSPECTS OF INHERITANCE!”

If we are operating from a place of divine expectation, we are setting the stage for God to do the things that He has promised us that He would do! We’re giving Him the opportunity to reveal New Revelations, New Manifestations, and New understanding to our mind and heart. It’s out of this place of expectancy that we are able to receive the things that God has promised to us currently or in times past.

All of Gods promises are Yes and Amen to the glory of God. When you approach the Lord in your quiet time or in worship, you should come with a petition upon Heaven to obtain the things that the Lord has shown you that He has either already given you in the Spirit, or those things that you are believing to receive.

“But without faith it is impossible to please and be satisfactory to Him. For whosoever would come near to God MUST BELIEVE THAT HE IS AND THAT HE IS THE REWARDER OF THOSE WHO DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM OUT.” Hebrews 11:6

If you feel like your dreams or your expectations have died, then it’s time for Resurrection Power to enter your life so that you can watch those dreams Come Back to Life by the Power of the Holy Spirit! He will do exceedingly abundantly above all that you ask or think!

Holy Spirit come and touch every person that reads this post, and stir up the expectation upon the inside of each of them right now. Cause their dreams to Resurrect again and bring revelation, restoration, and manifestation into their lives today in Jesus Mighty Name Amen!


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