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God wants you to have an encounter with His goodness, His presence and His power.

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So many trials we seem to face in our lives tend to give us a distorted view of God. Often we gauge how good God is through the sum of our experiences. This doesn’t give us an appropriate perspective on how good He really is because we live in a fallen world. Yet, for some, the prospect of God existing is greater than the idea that there’s a real enemy of your soul called the devil, and he very much hates God, Us,  and everything else God created.

If our circumstances (and the sum of our experiences) really equate to whether God is good or not, it would tend to give a warped image of Who He is. Moses was saved from death by God to be promoted (later in his life) to become the adopted son of Pharaoh. He had favor, prestige, strength, and the honor of everyone in Egypt.

To the natural world it would appear that he was destined to become the ruler of one of the most powerful nations in the known world, what happened next to him appeared to be the greatest form of disillusionment ever. To find out that you were the son of a Slave as opposed to the Son of pharaoh what a rude awakening, but later he discovered something that altered his life forever.

When Moses met God at the Burning bush, HE DIDN’T JUST COME INTO CONTACT WITH AN EXPERIENCE WITH GOD, BUT HE HAD AN ENCOUNTER WITH HOW GOOD GOD WAS. The Lord caused all His goodness to pass by Moses as He placed him in the cleft of the rock (hidden in Christ, Who is the Rock). This experience not only changed Moses appearance, but his perspective as well, His Destiny was revealed, Gods plan was unveiled and all of it came through an Encounter with His Goodness!

“But without faith it is impossible to please and be satisfactory to Him. FOR WHOEVER WOULD COME NEAR TO GOD MUST [necessarily] BELIEVE THAT GOD EXISTS AND THAT HE IS THE REWARDER OF THOSE WHO EARNESTLY AND DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM [OUT].” Hebrews 11:6

Many of you are going through circumstances that are difficult, painful, and in some cases, life altering. God wants you to have an Encounter with His Goodness, His Presence and His Power. When these dynamics of a Who He is enter our lives, things change, maybe not exactly how we envision that they should, but God will work all things for good for those who love Him and are called according to His Purpose.

Don’t let your past experiences cloud your view of Gods Goodness, but allow place for His Goodness to come and change your life in ways you never dreamed.


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