An Encouragement to the Josephs

God has designed your minds with the ability to easily grasp new paradigms. You are the breaker-ones, so far ahead of your time.

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God has designed your minds with the ability to easily grasp new paradigms. You are the breaker-ones, so far ahead of your time. I see you breaking through into your new, going forth and doing what you were CALLED to do. You have been held back for so long now, but the TIME is at hand to move forward and FULLY break into the new land the Lord has for you.

You are the ones who carry a deep understanding of how to get things done…people of EXCELLENCE in spirit—God has robed you with the cloak of knowing right from wrong. In fact, you have a Ph.D. in INTEGRITY. For this integrity, you have paid a big price. Many others, work colleagues, even family, have looked upon your integrity with disdain and through this, the enemy even tried to put emotional blockades as a front to you and to keep you locked up. BUT NO LONGER!!

You are walking into your greatest days. Straight ahead you will more than just “endeavor” in a thing—you will move forward and become unhinged from all that has held you back to see great and mighty things come through and become your greatest LEGACY. It will be so much bigger than you!

You have an uncanny ability to quickly size things up and to see supernaturally where things are going. This past season, although you may have felt broken or frustrated, I felt God was saying He has increased your CAPACITY to SEE and to have greater REALMS in Him. You are so favored in His eyes.

I felt God’s heart say: “I see you!!! You may have grown weary, but you did not give up. You kept focused on the final victory and you will be so overcome with HONOR and with more WISDOM that I have for you to carry.”

The days ahead will be spent with God using your talents and supernatural abilities on a grander scale. It will be your greatest honor to distribute this to the nations and to your family as well—because you love them.

I felt God was saying: “I have always seen you as My great generals, but rest assured that you can BE FREE and will no longer be hindered to do greater works in My Kingdom. You are well-rounded, like stall-fed bulls of Malachi 4, prepared for the pastures ahead and ready to make a way for others, for sons, for daughters.

The roads ahead are paved with gold for you and the words, VICTORY, VICTORY, VICTORY will be shouted by you, as you break the molds, go forth and DO what I created you to do!”

No longer will your mission be to interpret another’s dreams because the dreams I have given you will begin to manifest and come through in you and for you! You will always help others see and take part in their dreams, but the dreams I’ve given to the Josephs will no longer be hindered. I’m setting YOU free.

“Like the multicolored coat you wear, the days upon you of multiplied FRUITFULNESS and FAVOR will catapult you out of despair and shift you into what I’ve designed, just for you.

I saw you when you were faithful with the small bit, so take the step forward into your open door. Your faithfulness to Me is being rewarded!”



Written by Brenda Rundus


Featured Image by Gian D.

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