Alongside the Sea

Fix your eyes beyond what you see in my face of eternity.

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Come, meet me alongside the sea

where comfort meets uncertainty.

Come hither, do not fear

where waters deep in drawing near.

Come listen, I beckon to save

as my voice carries over the waves.

Fix your eyes beyond what you see

in my face of eternity.

And let me wash away your uncertainty

as you meet me alongside the sea.




This is an updated edition of a post originally published on Kristina Ward

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I write to encourage you in the work God is doing in your heart by sharing my own continuing journey of being made new. As someone who spent most of her life avoiding conflict, I know the discomfort of leaning into the tensions that arise as everyday life and faith intersect. Still, through the unexpected journey of helping my husband replant a broken church while simultaneously doubling our kids through adoption, I learned the importance of embracing the things I would rather avoid and what it means to suffer well. And as I venture on as an unlikely pastor's wife and mother to six, I hope that my journey into abundant life can encourage you on yours as I share my story along the way.